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#WomenOfColors: Celebrating the colors of #VisibleWikiWomen!
April 22 - May 2, 2019
[#VisibleWikiWomen #WomenOfColors]

Let’s center the faces and achievements of women of colors, especially black, brown and indigenous women!


This is a mini-campaign to celebrate and increase the images of influential black, brown and indigenous women that are being uploaded to Wikipedia as part of the #VisibleWikiWomen campaign.


Join us! You are invited to:

  1. Participate by adding images of important women of colors from across the world within the broader VisibleWikiWomen category on Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Share your contributions using the hashtags #VisibleWikiWomen #WomenofColors and any others that make sense in your language and local contexts (#Latinxs #DalitWomen #BlackWomen #BrownWomen #Wikiseescolor etc.).
  3. Get counted! Add your username to our participant Dashboard to Let us know that you have joined the campaign!

If you're a super amigx partner, we invite to also:

  1. Campaign online, host events (if possible), ask for image donations and promote this effort in whatever ways make sense to you.
  2. Celebrate the women of colors you have already uploaded to the #VisibleWikiWomen campaign by sharing their image, a little of their story, and adding the hashtags #VisibleWikiWomen #WomenofColors and any others that make sense in your language and local contexts (#Latinxs #DalitWomen #BlackWomen #BrownWomen #Wikiseescolor etc.).

Resources kit[edit]

Finding or creating images

Uploading images


Images to use on social media

Remember to use the hashtags: #WomenofColors and #VisibleWikiWomen (adding others you wish).


This is a 10 day mini-campaign from April 22 to May 02.


To join our super amigxs and partners for this mini-campaign. Just contact us at visiblewikiwomen@whoseknowldge.org to let us know!


To participate as an individual you can signup here adding # and clicking

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