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Art and Feminism Outreach in Catanduanes Island[edit]

Narrative Report[edit]

Day 1 | 14th Day of May, 2022[edit]

On our first day, we are obligated—as Volunteer and as an example of an initiative act as well—to wake up early so that we can prepare as early as possible too for our departure from Pasacao, Camarines Sur to San Andres, Catanduanes, all together with Ma’am Imelda R. Brazal–our Training Instructor, Sir Anthony B. Diaz–our Lead in Wiki Advocates Philippines, and with my fellow enthusiastic volunteers–Daphne Boncodin, Erica Pesino, Meriam Pikit, Sheryl Jean Bengua, Anna Leah Belbes, CJ Barrameda, Bianca Brazal, and Eduardo Pesino. where there was a 4 hour trip by land, and 3 hours by sea, based on our calculation for the total number of hours.
I want to mark this day as one of my unforgettable and cheerful days because Wiki Advocates Philippines and Art + Feminism gave me the experience of riding on a big ship, and since it was my first time, it made me feel glee. Along with that, it is the first time that I have traveled for a long time, wherefore I am gratified that I could do it that time without vomiting and dizziness.


The first day when we were on our way to Catanduanes Island—taught me to realize that when we travel, we also rewire our brains. It is because new experiences are the key to building new neural pathways in our brains. We become more creative and accepting of new ideas by rewiring our brains. It is why travel makes us happy. [1] And I believe that travel can give us more knowledge and experience that we can carry for a lifetime and can be shared with anyone so that we can also help them expand their knowledge—especially regarding the various Wiki Projects, and teaching them how to contribute in giving free knowledge that accessible for everyone.

Day 2 | 15th Day of May, 2022[edit]

Question and Answer[edit]

Daniel Barrameda, Wiki Advocates PH Member
User Daphpb and Danbarrameda assist a teacher
Group Photo WAP Catanduanes Outreach 2022 2
Teachers and Wiki volunteers at Bislig Elementary School during the Wiki Advocates PH Outreach Activity
  • What is your role as a volunteer in the wiki outreach activity conducted? How did you prepare for it?
During the wiki outreach activity, my role as a volunteer was to be of service in assisting the teachers from Bislig Elementary School when they had something they did not understand or didn’t immediately follow the instructions given by the instructor. I prepared in a way I believe that volunteering may give me a pearl of valuable wisdom to enable myself as an individual to help others selflessly, and impelling me to do generous support and be able to provide any assistance to our local community, whereby we had this opportunity to donate Kiwix device to the said school and train teachers on different Wikiprojects. Even with no data connection, they can now access abundant accessible knowledge that can be shared and distributed to their students.
Anthony discussing Wikimedia projects
  • What are your learnings during the whole activity?
Throughout the activity, I learned to communicate well with teachers from the school, as mentioned above, and how to spark a conversation with them. Besides, as an introverted human being, I used not to socialize with others in my entire life. Instead, I used to associate with my family and friends only. But this activity taught me how to deal with different people. Of whom it has improved a part of myself, and I guarantee to take it wherever I go and be able to take it to the next activity.
Group photo of Wiki Advocates PH and Bislig Elementary School Faculty Members
  • Give us a few highlights of your best experience in the activity.
My best experience was feeling ecstatic when I saw how approachable they were–the enthusiastic teachers in the said school. And another thing to keep in mind during the said activity was to have the opportunity to talk to some of the teachers to assist them, and it was a gleeful experience since I had to use my ability to communicate effectively to connect with them.
  • Cite some difficulties you've encountered during the outreach activity and tell us what would you do differently next time.
Honestly, the struggle that I experienced was that I needed to be able to explain what they were asking me with a particular question that they didn't understand. Such as, there was an incident where I didn't forthwith to answer a teacher's question, so I approached Ma'am Imelda to ask her the same question. That's why I should be grateful to her because she helped me answer those questions I didn't know. So next time, I will study harder to answer their question and doubt with an accurate response as quickly as possible.
Wiki Advocates PH members at Twin Rock Beach Resort
  • As a volunteer, what impact did the activity have on you? Are you willing to be part of similar activities in the future?
Eventually, as a volunteer, I am satisfied that the said activity has shaped some part of myself as a human being to have any interactions with other people. For instance, I became somewhat courageous to face the expected strenuous I would encounter there during the time, and I will feel incapable of going through this undaunted feeling without the help of Ma'am Imelda, Sir Anthony, and my fellow volunteer. And if someone asked me if I am willing to be part of similar activities again in the future, I would say yes, because, as a volunteer, I have a variety of reasons to concur with the challenges. Such as, it can offer me the opportunity to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around me, and it can provide me a chance to develop a new skill or build on my existing experience and knowledge.


Twin Rock Beach Resort[edit]

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Bislig Elementary School[edit]