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A Brief history of our past work[edit]

In 2006, a collaboration between lettera27 Foundation (today the Moleskine Foundation) and Wikimedia Italia conceptualized and launched the WikiAfrica initiative. The intention was to increase the quantity and quality of information that could be found online about the African continent. The partners then released the concept and all its content under creative commons license to facilitate to sharing, innovation and maximise impact. Hosted at several institutions in its various guises (including, Africa Centre based in Cape Town,, Wikimedia CH and Wiki In Africa), the WikiAfrica movement has consistently instigated and led multi-faceted innovative initiatives. These various independent but collaborative projects have activated communities and driven content onto Wikipedia. Examples include Share Your Knowledge, #OpenAfrica training Courses and Toolkits, Kumusha Bus (in Ethiopia and Ghana), WikiEntrepreneur (in Ethiopia and Malawi), Kumusha Takes Wiki (Cote d’Ivoire and Uganda) and Wiki Loves Africa.With the support of key partners such as the Africa Centre in Cape Town and Wikimedia Italia. Support for generating Africa-related content was encouraged and deepened through talks, workshops, festivals, and collaboration with universities. Whilst most of the activity took place on the continent, plenty of engagement took place further out in the USA and Europe. The movement expanded beyond our own efforts, and we learned a lot about what worked and what didn’t.

>>>You can access the archive to the past work using the following link.<<<

Despite the fantastic progress made with over 40,000 contributions including texts, articles and videos, the original problem still confronts us today: Africa is the least visible continent online, despite hosting a population of over a billion people.

WikiAfrica Education departs on this rich foundation of past work, making a new path to support young African knowledge producers leading with culture.