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As a direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Moleskine Foundation gathered a movement of volunteers and partners to translate the 10 most relevant articles to help spark creative solutions to the pandemic in African languages.

Many pieces of key information are not available in the official languages spoken by the communities of our AfroCuration participants (isiXhosa, isiZulu, seTswana, Sesotho, Tshivenda, Sepedi, Afrikaans). Information that is available in these languages is not on Wikipedia, where millions of people go to check for information daily. Whilst most of the world discusses Coronavirus, millions are cannot join the conversation on the virus because this information is not available in their language. To spark creativity in solutions to the problems we are facing, we need knowledge on what the situation is. Translating knowledge about Covid-19 can help people locally understand and create new and useful solutions as a response, which in some cases can be life-saving.


Fondazione Aurora[edit]

Fondazione Aurora aligns with the UN 2030 and AU 2063 Agendas relating to inclusive socio-economic development by collaborating with young African entrepreneurs to scale up their business initiatives with significant social impact in their communities. Their support for The Solution Will Not Be Televised campaign was funding professional translations activity, and providing support with uploading translations onto the Wikipedia platform. Uploaded articles had notes on their talk pages, regarding the use of professional translators and original authors' names, stating the work was given under CC license.

Wikimedia ZA[edit]

Wikimedia ZA is the Wikipedia editor and contributor user group of Southern Africa. Its volunteers put their knowledge and passion about Wikipedia to the service of new and old users, forwarding the mission of free access to open knowledge if the South African languages. Their support during The Solution Will Not be Televised began from conception stage, helping to shape the activity and flow of generating translations, creating simplified base documents, and providing uploading and editing support and training.

Wikimedia Yoruba[edit]

Yoruba Wikimedians User Group are group of Yoruba language Wikimedians committed to develop, improve and promote Yoruba language Wikipedia, and other Wikimedia projects that are related to the Yoruba Wikimedia projects like Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, and Mediawiki, Nigerian pidgin in incubator and Wikimedia projects on topics related to Yoruba language, the Yoruba people, the states of Western Nigeria. They share the ideal of free access to knowledge in local languages, and aim to promote the use of Yoruba language related Wikimedia projects through various outreach efforts and to support people in western Nigeria to contribue to knowledge in Yoruba language. Their support for The Solution Will Not Be Televised campaign was to run an online AfroCuration event, activating the Yoruba community to proofread and upload translated articles from our global movement of volunteers. They also went on to autonomously curate an additional set of follow up work with new articles, and created promotion video to raise awareness of the articles and importance of hygiene information with the support of qualified doctors and a prominent Nigerian actress.

Ethale Publishing[edit]

Ethale Publishing is an African literature publishing house based in Maputo. They strive to connect Mozambicans with the rest of the continent through translation efforts of literature, and facilitate pan-Africanism and cultural sensitization with the cross-pollination of ideas. Their support during The Solution Will not Be Televised was to provide translation services, and dissemination of articles via social media and local radio stations.

Constitution Hill Trust[edit]

Constitution Hill Trust (CHT) was established in 2006 by the late former Chief Justice Chaskalson and President Cyril Ramaphosa. CHT has a strategic interest in projects and educational programs which promote the Constitution and its values. Constitution Hill promote human rights by securing the preservation and development of their premises as a heritage site. For this end, they make provisions for educational programs to be conducted at Constitution Hill for the purpose of educating South Africans on constitutionalism, human rights and democracy. For The Solution Will Not be Televised, they supported by helping to locate and engage proofreaders for official South African languages who could perform quality checks on translations from the larger movement.


Under the theme “The Solution will not be televised”, participants from across predominantly Africa, and diaspora communities volunteered to translate key articles relevant to covid response into their languages. Moleskine Foundaiton and partners implemented a 6-step process to identify and simplify the key articles relevant to spark creative responses. Once the articles were checked for grammatical quality, a team of experienced Wikimedians assisted the technical aspects of uploading the knowledge to Wikipedia, thereby plugging the online knowledge gaps in these languages. Our focus is ‘stationary facts’. We’re not competing with TV and radio for latest updates, but people need to know (for example) what social distancing is, and why it’s important.

Our 6 step process fro article simplification was:

  1. Shorten sentences and break up subordinate clauses (sentences within sentences).
  2. Don’t make the information China-centric. Delete unnecessary focus on China, and keep the concept so it can be useful in other Geographies.
  3. Simplify information to the main concept, simple explanations and supporting information or examples.
  4. Keep the referencing of information in-tact.
  5. Ensure there are no more than 6 sections
  6. Aim for total of 1k to 1.5k words


A total of 16 languages have been used on the articles published. Our approach to languages was "focused but inclusive", welcoming all whilst keeping a strategic focus. We had 11 Niger-Congo languages of strategic focus based on geographical coverage and number of speakers. These were:

Southern Africa region: Zulu, Afrikaans, Sesotho, Xhosa, Shona West Africa region: Yoruba, Igbo, Wolof, Twi, Fula East Africa region: Swahili

We also have published entries in 5 additional languages thanks to content received from the movement. These additional languages are: Luo, Eleme, Venda, Setswana, Hausa.


Dashboard statistics[edit]

  • Participants: 390 volunteers
  • Articles: 137 articles produced
  • Views: 50K (without promotion)
  • Words Added: 150K

Link to dashboard here.

Articles and Links[edit]

Twi Kiswahili Sesotho isiXhosa isiZulu Afrikaans Shona Wolof Yoruba Fula/Pulaar Igbo Hausa Tshivenda Setswana Luo Eleme
Articles 1 Covid-19 Simplified Base Document Yareɛ a yɛ frɛ no Coronavirus [Created by other user groups] Lefu la Coronavirus Isifo se-Coronavirus 2019 Isifo seCoronavirus 2019 Covid-19-pandemie [article edit] Chirwere cheCoronavirus 2019 Jàngoro Koronaawiris 2019 Àjàkáyé-àrùn èrànkòrónà ọdún 2019-2020 Nawnaare korona hitande 2019 [awaiting upload] Hanyoyin gano kwayar cuta Vhulwadze Ha Coronavirus 2019 Bolwetse jwa Mogare wa Khorona 2019 [awaiting upload] [awaiting upload]
2 Social Distancing/ Physical Distancing Yɛ ma kwan ada yɛn ne afoforo ntɛm [Created by other user groups] Ho arohanngwa ha batho Semelo Ukuqelelana kwabantu Sosiale distansiëring Kusaungana kwevanhu Wallu sorri wante Ìjìnnà-síra-ẹni láwùjọ Wodondirugol Abịaghị mmadụ nso Ba wa Juna Tazara [awaiting upload] [awaiting upload] Osoroo Aj nyɛɛNɛɛ
3 Pandemic Pandemic [Created by other user groups] Sewa se seholo link? Ubhubhane Pandemie Chinyorwa chikuru chePandemic Tërëlin yi gënë am solo tenku ci ay kaddu jëm ci mbass mi Àrùn tó máa ń ràn Winndannde fahtunde e mboros Okwu:Isi edemede ọrịa ozuru ụwa ọnụ Muƙala akan Annoba [awaiting upload] Dera
4 Face masks Anim akatasoɔ wo COVID19 mmere mu Barakoa katika janga la corona 2019-20 Maske a sefahleho nakong ea seoa sa "coronavirus" sa 2019-20 Iimaski zobuso ngexesha lobhubhane we-coronavirus ka-2019 ukuya ku-2020 Izembozo zobuso ngesikhathi sobhubhane lomkhuhlane we-COVID-19 Lapgesigsmasker Kupfeka masiki munguva ye hutachiona we corona 2019-20 Mask yii ci mbasum 2019-2020 bi Wíwọ ìbòjú ní àkókò àtànkálẹ̀ àrùn kòrónà Gafakon (Maskuuji) yeeso paddorkon mboros koronawirus 2019-2020 Ikpuchi ihu n'oge ọrịa coronavairọs 2019-20 nke gazuru ụwa niile [awaiting upload]
5 Airborne disease Yareɛ a ɛfa mframa mu ɛsai Ugonjwa unaopitishwa hewani Izifo ezidaleka emoyeni Lugverspreide siekte Chirwere chinogara mumhepo Izifo ezidaleka emoyeni Àìsàn inú afẹ́fẹ́ Ñabbu carotooɗo e hendu Ọrịa sitere n'ikuku Ba wa Juna Tazara Tuoche malandore e Lwasi
6 Hand Washing Ɛnsa Hohorow Kunawa mikono Ho hlapa matsoho Ukuhlamba izandla Ukugezwa kwezandla Handewas Kugeza maoko Raxas loxo Ọwọ́ fífọ̀ Cooɗagol Ịkwọ áká Tsaftar hannu [awaiting upload]
7 Diagnosis Yareɛ mu nhwehw3 mu Utambuzi Boloetse Isiphumo sokuxilonga UKuhlolwa kwesifo Mediese diagnose Kumbondera chirwere Saytu yaramu nit Àyẹ̀wò àìsàn Tefugol ngol Ime nchọpụta Hanyoyin gano kwayar cuta [awaiting upload]
8 Vaccine Vaccine [Created by other user groups] link? Isifo esosulelayo Ikhambi lokugoma [Created by other user groups] Mushonga wenhomba Ñaqq Oògùn Àjẹsára Pikiri Alluran rigakafi [awaiting upload]
9 Environment Coronavirus ho nsunsuansoɔ wo abodeɛ so Athari ya pandemia ya Korona 2019-20 kwa mazingira Tšusumetso ea tikoloho ea seoa sa coronavirus ea 2019-20 Impembelelo kokusingqongileyo ngesifo esingubhubhane i-coronavirus ka2019-2020 Umthelela wegciwane le-COVID-19 esimeni semvelo [Created by other user groups] Kuchinja kwezvinhu munyika nekuda kwe denda re coronavirus muna 2019 na 2020 Yaqq Yaqq koronaa ci linu weër ci at bi ñu nekk Ipa tí àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn kòrónà ti ọdún 2019-2020 ní sí àwùjọ Ko musiiba korona 2019-20 wadi e taariinde [awaiting upload]
10 Infectious diseases Yareɜ a ɜtumi sae [Created by other user groups] Mafu a tšoaetsanoang Ichiza Oordraagbare siekte Zvirwere zvinopararira Feebar yuy wale Àyẹ̀wò àìsàn Ñabbe sattude Ọrịa na-éfē èfè [awaiting upload]

Additional work[edit]

Wikimedia ZA[edit]

Editors from the user group created a page upon the effects of the Pandemic specifically upon South Africa, in the Afrikaans language.

Article: Covid-19-pandemie in Suid-Afrika

Wikimedia Yoruba[edit]

The user group conceived an additional 50 articles of interest to cover the experience of the covid-19 pandemic in African countries other than Nigeria, in the Yoruba language.


Other important COVID-19 articles
# Base Document Yoruba Article Translator
1. en:COVID-19 pandemic in South Sudan Àjàkálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-19 ní Gúsù Sudan user:Agbalagba
2. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn COVID-19 ní ilẹ̀ Nàìjíríà yo:user:Sowoletoyin
3. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Benin yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 lórílẹ̀-èdè Olómìnira Benin yo:user:Macdanpets
4. en:COVID-19 pandemic in São Tomé and Príncipe yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 ní Sàó Tòmẹ̀ àti Principe yo:user:Macdanpets
5. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Malawi yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn COVID-19 ní ilẹ̀ Màláwì yo:user:Sowoletoyin
6. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Ceuta yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 ní Ceuta yo:user:Macdanpets
7. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Congo yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 ní Congo yo:user:Macdanpets
8. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Western Sahara yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 ní Western Sahara yo:user:Macdanpets
9. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Melilla yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 ní Mẹ̀lílà yo:user:Macdanpets
10. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Puntland yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 ní Puntland yo:user:Macdanpets
11. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Guinea yo: Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 ní Guinea yo:user:Macdanpets
12. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Sudan yo: Àjàkálẹ̀ Àrùn Kofid-19 ní orílẹ̀-èdè Sudan yo:User:Agbalagba
13. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Madagascar yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn Covid-19 ní Madagascar‎ yo:user:Macdanpets
14. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana yo:Àjàkálẹ̀-àrùn COVID-19 ní Ghánà‎ yo:user:Demmy
15. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Senegal yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-19 ní Orílẹ̀-èdè Senegal yo:user: Agbalagba
16. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Mali yo: Àjàkálẹ̀-àrùn COVID-19 ní Málì‎ yo:user: Sowoletoyin
17. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Africa yo: Àjàkálẹ̀ àrùn covid 19 ní Áfíríkà‎ yo:user: Macdanpets
18. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Burundi yo:Àjakálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-19 ní orílẹ̀-èdè Burundi yo:user: Agbalagba
19. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Niger yo:Àjakálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-19 ní orílẹ̀-èdè Niger yo:user: Agbalagba
20. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Chad yo:Àjakálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-19 ní orílẹ̀-èdè Chad yo:user: Agbalagba
21 en:COVID-19 pandemic in Mauritania yo:Ajakale-arun COVID-19 ni Mauritania yo:user: Sowoletoyin
22. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-9 ní orílẹ̀-èdè Cameroon yo:user: Agbalagba
23. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Togo yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-19 ní Orilẹ̀-èdè Togo yo:user: Lordgentual
24. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Cape Verde yo:Àjàkálẹ̀-àrùn COVID-19 ní Cape Verde yo:user: Agbalagba
25 en:COVID-19 pandemic in Djibouti yo:Àjàkálẹ̀-àrùn COVID-19 ní Djibouti yo:user: Sowoletoyin
26. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Gabon yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-9 ní Orílẹ̀-èdè Gabon yo:user: Agbalagba
27. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Mozambique yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-9 ní orílẹ̀-èdè Mozambique yo:user: Agbalagba
28 en:COVID-19 pandemic in Eritrea yo:Àjàkálẹ̀-àrùn COVID-19 ní Eritrea yo:user: Sowoletoyin
29. en:COVID-19 pandemic in Zambia yo:Àjàkálẹ̀ Àrùn COVID-9 ní orílẹ̀-èdè Zambia yo:user: Agbalagba
30 en:COVID-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe yo: Ajakale-arun COVID-19 ni Zimbabwe yo:user: Sowoletoyin