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WikiCite/2020 Virtual conference/OpenVirus, global annotation of the scientific literature on viral epidemics using Wikidata

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Open citations & linked bibliographic data | 26-28 October 2020 | #WikiCite

Part of Celebrating Wikidata's 8th Birthday | #WikidataBirthday

12:00 UTC

~ 1:30 min

Video recording of the session

OpenVirus: global annotation of the scientific literature on viral epidemics using Wikidata




We are a globally distributed project, spontaneously created to use semantic knowledge to tackle the viral pandemic. The world's scientific literature, when annotated and aggregated can be analysed with modern data analytics to find new patterns. We have built multiple dictionaries from Wikidata, faceted by scientific and social disciplines (country, disease, drug, funding, virus, etc. and created minicorpora (from EuropePMC and Redalyc) which are searched and annotated locally. The early applications include identification of main subjects within each facet, and occurrence of these subjects. Our dictionaries are multilingual (EN, HI, TA, UR, ES) and we're testing how well they search and annotate non-English sources. Our Open Source material (Apache2, CC BY) can be installed and run by non-specialists.

This session will explore the role of global semantic knowledge, and seek collaboration with other parts of Wikimedia.



Dr Peter Murray-Rust


Dr Peter Murray-Rust is the Reader Emeritus in Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge, where he draws together tools from computer science to chemistry. He led the development of the Chemical Markup Language. Dr Murray-Rust is known for his works on open access and open data. He has co-founded the Blue Obelisk community to develop open-source cheminformatics tools. He was granted the Shuttleworth Foundation fellowship for his work in leading ContentMine, where he and his team develops open-source tools to mine literature to make scientific data accessible to all. openVirus and Open Climate Knowledge is built on the tools developed by Content Mine. He has also been a Wikimedian for more than 15 years now.

Dr Gitanjali Yadav


Dr. Gitanjali Yadav is working jointly at the India-UK interface as a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and Scientist at NIPGR, New Delhi. She is a specialist in Genomics and Complex Networks, with applications in food security and conservation. Dr. Yadav is a strong proponent of Open Science and has been actively involved with young science academies for outreach and WiS initiatives.

Dr Ambreen Hamadani


Ambreen Hamadani is a Veterinarian and is currently pursuing a PhD in Animal Genetics and Breeding. Her research interests include statistics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, animal breeding and genetics. She also enjoys writing and is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines. She believes in the revolutionizing power of open knowledge and actively participates in endeavors aimed at disseminating knowledge unconditionally.

Ayush Garg


Ayush Garg is a student at GIIS, Singapore. He is interested in the open-source movement and wants to be a part of open source projects. Ayush wants to experiment with artificial intelligence and machine learning and he has an aim to develop programmes which solve real-world problems.

Dheeraj Kumar


Dheeraj Kumar is a BSc Student from RR College Alwar, India. He is passionate about science in general and electronics and communications in particular. He is also highly interested in harnessing the potential of Wikidata for getting new and useful insights. He believes in overcoming all challenges with perseverance and hard work.

Lakshmi Devi Priya


Lakshmi Devi Priya J. is an undergraduate studying Industrial Biotechnology at Government College of Technology, Coimbatore (affiliated to Anna University). She is new in contributing to the open-source world and is learning gradually. She's excited to be a part of openVirus, as the work is mainly based on Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Pruthiv Rajan


Pruthiv Rajan is a senior undergraduate student in engineering specialized biotechnology at Dr Mgr Educational and Research Institute, Chennai. He is keenly interested in doing open science,Neuro scinece,System biology, Computational networks, Genomics, and drug discovery. He has been working in openVirus for the past five months and contributed towards making the project multilingual. He also seeks a master's research program, and his ambition is to be a scientist and contribute to society.

Shweata N. Hegde


Shweata N. Hegde is a Life Science Undergraduate student from Regional Institute of Education, Mysuru. Her interests include Plant Sciences and Biochemistry. She is an aspiring Science Communicator. She believes that open access is the way forward, and is keen in contributing to open-source projects like openVirus, which involves making use of the existing scientific knowledge to gather new insights.

Vaishali Arora


Vaishali Arora is a graduate student at the Department of Botany, University of Delhi. She is interested in research on the developmental and evolutionary aspects of plant life. Moreover, she is interested in open and collaborative work in education and research. This made her join the community openVirus which aims to extract valuable information about different facets of viral epidemics using different open sources such as Wikidata.