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This schedule is entirely speculative. Anyone can post their fantasies here. There seems to be no schedule available anywhere except for this completely made up one that has no consensus or support from anywhere and is a guess of one person, user:bluerasberry.

If anyone has a better idea then post here.


By end of 2019[edit]

  1. Ingest easy-to-get citations
    1. 60% of PubMed
    2. 10% of CrossRef
    3. Whatever anyone shares ad hoc
  2. 10% author disambiguation
    1. Match with ORCID
    2. Match with a few university partners
  3. Develop front end visualizations
    1. Establish high familiarity in the Wikimedia community
      1. 50% of self-described highly engaged Wikimedians know of Wikicite
      2. Public discussions about relationship between WikiCite content and other Wikimedia projects outside of Wikidata
    2. Anticipate public outreach beyond people who care about citations

By end of 2020[edit]

  1. Begin to repeat process with harder-to-get citations
  2. Establish data models for cataloging other academic sources beyond journal citations
    1. Conferences
    2. Slides
    3. Videos of lectures
  3. Suggest data model to other projects managing publication
    1. Newspapers?
    2. Magazines?
    3. All media in any context?