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Query citation data in Wikidata[edit]

Seeing the results of queries about citations in Wikidata is the usual reason why new people become excited about the WikiCite project. Popular queries include the following:

  1. Show all the publications by a single person, generating a scholarly profile for that individual
  2. Show all the publications at a university, showing many things including what sorts of papers at the university are most cited
  3. Show all the publications on a certain topic, showing which papers are most cited, the popularity over time of publishing on the topic, and who is prominent in the field

There are two ways for beginners to do queries. One way is to use a Wikidata front end which generates queries using WikiCite information. Typically front ends are easy enough to use that a new user can access interesting information in 2 minutes.

The other beginner starting point to use the default and native Wikidata Query Service. This approach is powerful enough to permit any query but also displays a dual input interface of human-readable query requests and a translation of that into SPARQL. Different new users have mixed results with this; some queries are easy to do in 1 minute; other queries fail; and other users become comfortable only after hours of practice. The Wikidata Query Service is the recommended path for beginners who intend to engage regularly with Wikidata.

Manually edit the Wikidata item for a publication[edit]

Learning how to manually edit Wikidata is necessary background knowledge for understanding how to automate information management with WikiCite. see the data model

Learn enough to be able to discuss WikiCite[edit]

WikiCite participants wish for any interested persons to have meaningful conversations about the benefits of open citations and WikiCite's role in making open citations available to everyone. The following publications and videos are popular beginner introductions for anyone who wants to become informed enough to join conversations about open citations in general and WikiCite particularly.

Learn about Wikidata and Wikimedia projects in general[edit]

Participants in WikiCite typically support Wikimedia projects including Wikidata and Wikipedia. These projects share a common philosophy of advocating for open content, a public commons of information, civil collaboration, global participation, and a sincere desire to improve everyone's quality of life through knowledge sharing. Having a working understanding of Wikimedia projects is useful context for understanding the nature of WikiCite.

To learn more about Wikidata consider the following:

To learn more about other Wikimedia projects then consider the following:


Experiment with batch editing tools[edit]

WiDaR is a collection of tools for making many edits to Wikidata quickly. All of them are experimental but it is helpful to know they exist, and in the future these or updated tools will offer these functions.

wikidata:Mix'N'Match is a game which makes it easy to disambiguate Wikidata items to items in external databases.

Curate and suggest datasets for others to ingest[edit]

Ingest a dataset[edit]

Quickstatements is a tool which allows a person to ingest a dataset into Wikidata. A user who is comfortable with Wikidata's data model, and who has experience integrating some data manually, can scale up their engagement by presenting a CSV file or Google Sheet link to Quickstatements.