WikiCite 2016/Proposals/RefToolbar 2.0 w/ Autofill & Ref Name Unique Identifiers - Existing Wikipedia Cite Pathway into Wikidata

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RefToolbar 2.0 toolbar
RefToolbar 2.0 toolbar


Leverage existing Wikipedia RefToolbar 2.0 in an effort to parlay existing interface and push granular elements as pathway that could be parsed to Wikidata


  • RefToolbar appears as "Cite" in the far right of the toolbar when using wiki Markup (not Visual Editor)
    • On by default unless user selects to opt out
  • Includes Autofilling support:
RefToolbar Autofill
RefToolbar Autofill
  • Centralized sources for cataloged data
  • Basic and expanded fields for added granularity
  • Ref Name as unique identifier possible controlled vocabulary
    • Potential to create unique Wikidata item number/unique identifier to collocate as a unique identifier that is reusable across Wikis
  • Allows internal WikiLinks that match Wikidata items
  • Has built in error check for date values as well as other validation checks


  • Required Wiki Markup; don't believe it's available in robust form in Visual Editor
  • Requires general understanding of citations
  • Requires general computer literacy beyond basic (?)

Cite templates – 4 built-in categories[edit]

Empty citation (help)  in progress establishing Wikidata pathways
Empty citation (help)  in progress establishing Wikidata pathways

Cite web[edit]

  • {{cite web |url= |title= |last= |first= |author= |author-link= |last2= |first2= |author2= |author-link2= |date= |year= |editor-last= |editor-first= |editor= |editor-link= |editor1-last= |editor1-first= |editor1-link= |editor2-last= |editor2-first= |editor2-link= |editors= |department= |website= |series= |publisher= |location= |page= |pages= |at= |language= |script-title= |trans-title= |type= |format= |arxiv= |asin= |bibcode= |doi= |doi-broken-date= |isbn= |issn= |jfm= |jstor= |lccn= |mr= |oclc= |ol= |osti= |pmc= |pmid= |rfc= |ssrn= |zbl= |id= |archive-url= |archive-date= |dead-url= |access-date= |quote= |ref= |postscript= |subscription= |registration=}}

Cite news[edit]

  • {{cite news |last1= |first1= |author-link1= |last2= |first2= |author-link2= |last3= |first3= |author-link3= |last4= |first4= |author-link4= |last5= |first5= |author-link5= |display-authors= |author-mask= |name-list-format= |last-author-amp= |date= |year= |title= |script-title= |trans-title= |url= |dead-url= |format= |editor1-last= |editor1-first= |editor1-link= |editor2-last= |editor2-first= |editor2-link= |editor3-last= |editor3-first= |editor3-link= |editor4-last= |editor4-first= |editor4-link= |editor5-last= |editor5-first= |editor5-link= |display-editors= |department= |newspaper= |type= |series= |language= |volume= |issue= |others= |edition= |location= |publisher= |publication-date= |agency= |page= |pages= |at= |nopp= |arxiv= |asin= |bibcode= |doi= |doi-broken-date= |isbn= |issn= |jfm= |jstor= |lccn= |mr= |oclc= |ol= |osti= |pmc= |pmid= |rfc= |ssrn= |zbl= |id= |archive-url= |archive-date= |access-date= |via= |registration= |subscription= |lay-url= |lay-source= |lay-date= |quote= |postscript= |ref= }}

Cite book[edit]

  • {{cite book |last1= |first1= |author-link1= |last2= |first2= |author-link2= |last3= |first3= |author-link3= |last4= |first4= |author-link4= |last5= |first5= |author-link5= |display-authors= |author-mask= |last-author-amp= |date= |year= |orig-year= |chapter= |script-chapter= |trans-chapter= |chapter-url= |chapter-format= |editor1-last= |editor1-first= |editor1-link= |editor2-last= |editor2-first= |editor2-link= |editor3-last= |editor3-first= |editor3-link= |editor4-last= |editor4-first= |editor4-link= |editor5-last= |editor5-first= |editor5-link= |display-editors= |title= |script-title= |trans-title= |url= |dead-url= |format= |type= |series= |language= |volume= |issue= |others= |edition= |location= |publisher= |publication-date= |page= |pages= |at= |nopp= |arxiv= |asin= |bibcode= |doi= |doi-broken-date= |isbn= |issn= |jfm= |jstor= |lccn= |mr= |oclc= |ol= |osti= |pmc= |pmid= |rfc= |ssrn= |zbl= |id= |archive-url= |archive-date= |access-date= |via= |registration= |subscription= |lay-summary= |lay-source= |lay-date= |quote= |name-list-format= |mode= |postscript= |ref= }}

Cite journal[edit]

  • {{cite journal |last1= |first1= |author-link1= |last2= |first2= |author-link2= |last3= |first3= |author-link3= |last4= |first4= |author-link4= |last5= |first5= |author-link5= |display-authors= |author-mask= |name-list-format= |last-author-amp= |date= |year= |orig-year= |editor1-last= |editor1-first= |editor1-link= |editor2-last= |editor2-first= |editor2-link= |editor3-last= |editor3-first= |editor3-link= |editor4-last= |editor4-first= |editor4-link= |editor5-last= |editor5-first= |editor5-link= |display-editors= |others= |title= |script-title= |trans-title= |url= |dead-url= |format= |department= |journal= |type= |series= |language= |edition= |location= |publisher= |publication-date= |volume= |issue= |page= |pages= |at= |nopp= |arxiv= |asin= |bibcode= |doi= |doi-broken-date= |isbn= |issn= |jfm= |jstor= |lccn= |mr= |oclc= |ol= |osti= |pmc= |pmid= |rfc= |ssrn= |zbl= |id= |archive-url= |archive-date= |access-date= |via= |registration= |subscription= |layurl= |laysource= |laydate= |quote= |postscript= |ref= }}


Cite pathway screen cap
Cite pathway screen cap
Pathways from RefToolbar elements to Wikidata items (examples)
See Wikidata properties related to bibliographic metadata (Q20745594)

Dependency graph[edit]

Reftoolbar dependency graphMediaWiki:Gadgets-definitionMediaWiki:Gadget-refToolbar.jsMediaWiki:Gadget-refToolbarBase.jsMediaWiki:RefToolbar.jsMediaWiki:RefToolbarNoDialogs.jsMediaWiki:RefToolbarLegacy.jsMediaWiki:RefToolbarMessages-en.jsMediaWiki:RefToolbarMessages-de.jsMediaWiki:RefToolbarConfig.jstoollabs:reftoolbar/lookup.phptoollabs:reftoolbar/crossref.php
Reftoolbar dependency graph

This image file is found at commons:File:Wikipedia reftoolbar dependency graph.svg.


Objective is to avoid re-creating the wheel and leverage existing work made possible by wonderful tool to scrape active Wikipedia citations and parse into semantic form in Wikidata

  • Ideally focus is on Wikipedia direction feeding into Wikidata versus something like Authority control, which was depreciated and is now mostly edited on Wikidata
  • Idea to create semantic database on Wikidata and allow for new creation on Wikidata feeding onto Wikipedia, but not starting from Wikidata pointing to Wikipedia
  • Potential new creation of Wikidata unique identifier for citations, similar to Reference Name, that could be used across Wikipedias, with language support as added potential funcitonality
  • Existing pathways are similar to Module:Cite so this might be complementary (or possibly duplicative) to Daniel Mietchen's proposal


RefToolbar demo (lightning talk)
RefToolbar demo (lightning talk)
Works and publications EXAMPLE 1

Works and publications EXAMPLE 2

Skills needed[edit]

For reference (from RefToolbar page)
RefToolbar 2.0 is the current version of RefToolbar, which adds citing capability to the enhanced editing toolbar (the MediaWiki extension WikiEditor). It may appear in two different ways depending on a user's preferences.
RefToolbar 2.0 consists of a series of JavaScript scripts that use the jQuery and jQuery UI JavaScript libraries. It also makes use of the JSON standard.
So assume skills needed include knowledge of

Phabricator task[edit]

  • Many mentions of Citoid – mechanism that executes AutoFill

-- is this existing on Wikipedia, is it something that should be part of the conversation?

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