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WikiCite 2016/Proposals/Reference Recommendation Platform for Wikipedia Editors

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  • In September, the Wikipedia Library approached WikiProject X, requesting the creation of a tool to provide recommendations for sources for Wikipedia editors. Such a tool would be based on the most popular references to appear on Wikipedia articles in the scope of a given WikiProject.
  • This task highlighted the need for a central database of source metadata, resulting in the creation of Librarybase. Librarybase is a wiki, running on Wikibase, that serves as a demonstration project for making source metadata available through a queryable service. There is also a project on Wikidata to do the same; see d:Wikidata:WikiProject Source MetaData. Crucial to Librarybase's data model is the correlation between a given source and on which wiki page it is cited.
  • Aaron Halfaker created a utility to harvest digital object identifiers (DOIs) from Wikipedia article citations. This could be a potential seed for Librarybase or Wikidata. Thomas Arrow has also been importing data into Librarybase from a European database.


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The goal of this session (workshop? track?) is to have a first draft of a product roadmap for a tool for recommending sources for Wikipedia editors. Relevant questions:

  • How is this data stored and retrieved? Will it be based on Librarybase, or on Wikidata, or with a mixture of both?
  • How can we systematically gather the data that is needed to make such a service useful?
  • What features will we want on initial release? What features will we want later?
  • Where could we find funding for this?


Skills needed[edit]

  • We are looking for people who are familiar with techniques for harvesting data from MediaWiki, with Wikibase, and with storage/retrieval of structured data (including source metadata).
  • Anyone who can help design an interface for this tool would also be appreciated.

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