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One of the unique benefits of representing source metadata as linked open data (cross-referencing sources and existing items and statements in Wikidata) is the ability to perform arbitrary queries on sources (via the Wikidata Query Service). Here's a few examples:

  • list all Wikidata statements backed by a New York Times article
  • list the most popular scholarly journals used as sources of statements for any item that is a subclass of economics
  • retrieve all statements citing the works of Joseph Stiglitz
  • retrieve all statements citing journal articles
    • by physicists from Oxford University
    • that have a PubMed Central ID
  • list all statements citing a specific journal article that was retracted
  • list all statements citing a source that cites a specific journal article that was retracted
  • all Zika-related journal articles that were published in the last four weeks


  • discuss and prioritize the most important types of source-related queries that WDQS should support
  • determine if these queries can be effectively expressed in SPARQL and executed via WDQS or if they require a different indexing / data modeling strategy


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Skills needed[edit]

  • knowledge of SPARQL and familiarity with WDQS
  • curiosity about research questions we've never been able to answer before

Phabricator task[edit]

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