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What is the impact that an external data source has on/in Wikidata?


Getting authoritative data sources into Wikidata is sometimes met with some reluctance by data owners. The gain by adding data content to Wikidata is not always immediately obvious. Getting data into Wikidata requires effort and commitment by data owners. The current citation models in Wikidata are insufficient to gain insight into what happens with data once it is captured. Only a reference to the original source is not enough. We need some sort of "back referencing". Who uses what? With such an instrument/model established, data owners will be able to demonstrate that adding research data to Wikidata benefits the greater good, because it is better used then in a proprietary data silo.


  • Identify citation/usage metrics for Wikidata items / Statements
  • Propose and elaborate a provenance model capturing references to authoritative external resources
  • Identify ways to measure impact of an external resource in Wikidata


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Skills needed[edit]

  • think about the skills you will need to achieve this goal. Consider not only engineering and data modeling requirements, but also the kind of additional support (documentation, community outreach etc.) you may need for this proposal to be successfully adopted.

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