WikiCite 2016/Proposals/WikiSource and Wikidata as a hub for collaborative annotation and reuse of Open Access literature

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WikiProject Open Access made parts of the Open Access literature available on WikiSource, in order to make it easier to cite and reuse it in WP articles.

This kind of activity is closely related (or maybe at least close enough??) to the core mission of WikiCite.


It may be worthwile to do this on a larger scale, at least for a huge number of articles from Open Access journals which are available with some structure (XML) and completely under an open license like CC-BY. In order to do this, WikiCite may be an opportunity to speak at least about some preconditions, like: Can this happen on WikiSource or Wikidata? Or is it better to run dedicated MediaWiki instances in order to do so? At least two important preconditions to make this plan a reality are already there: We have a plan, and we have funding from DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) - two PhD positions, each for three years.

This proposal may also be related to the plan to make scientific literature better citable in Wikipedia in general, e.g. through automatic recommendation. One huge benefit of Open Access is that we can (and will) easily run all kinds of automatic classification, NER etc. methods across the fulltext of these articles.


  • Sorry, we are not there yet. But have a look at WP project OA, linked in paragraph 1!

Skills needed[edit]

  • What we (German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), and Hannover University of Applied Science (HsH)) are missing is a background in working with the larger Wikipedia comunity. People like Daniel Kinzler, Abraham Taherivand and Daniel Mietchen were already extremly helpful while preparing the grant proposal, whithout them it would not haven been possible.

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