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"How we reached Chandigarh and more?" - A group Presentation on how Wikimedia projects inspire real life collaborations

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When Indic Wikimedian communities decided to conduct the Wikimedia India Conference for a second time, Malayalam community wanted to be part of it with all their spirit and vigour.

Five years back, the first conference held in Mumbai had reinforced great network relations among its volunteers. Just as important as the WCI Mumbai itself was significant the epic train journey of the 20+ team from Kerala. We even held "Moving Wikipedia Editathons and Hackkathons" during those interesting traveling days! ML community was hoping a revised edition of the same during WCI2016. As it turned out, we had much less applicants who got scholarships than we were anticipating. Never losing the determination and drive, the community took it as a creative challenge to demonstrate how building Wikipedia is also a model of real life collaboration.

With pride, We present here the story of that Wikipedian success; "How we all reached Chandigarh and more...."


* Abijith K A * Akbarali * Akhilan * Ditty * Erfan * Jameela * Kannan Sundaram * Manoj * Ranjith * Sidheeq * Sivahari * Sugeesh * Sujith TK * Tony Antony * Vinayaraj * Viswaprabha

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