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WikiConference India 2023/FAQ

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28 – 30 April, 2023
Hyderabad, India

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Basic questions on the event[edit]

  • Is WikiConference India 2023 an in-person event? Does it also support hybrid participation?
Yes, WikiConference India 2023 is an in-person event. Currently, we are not supporting any hybrid participation for this edition of WikiConference India.
  • When is WikiConference India 2023 going to happen?
WikiConference India 2023 is a three-day conference and will take place from 28 to 30 April 2023 in the city of Hyderabad.
  • Will the event, or portions be recorded?
Since the event will not be streamed, should it be assumed that there will be no recordings of the event presentations?
It would be obviously helpful if there were recordings so that people could benefit from the presentations after the fact.


  • Is there a limit on the age of the participants?
There is no limit on the age of participants. However, any participant who is below the legal age of 18, is requested to bring a guardian along with them to attend the conference.
  • Are there any on-spot registrations?
Currently, we are not encouraging any on-spot registrations for this edition of WikiConference India. But, the concerned team is looking for possible options to encourage participants who are willing to attend the conference at their own expense.
  • What is the scholarship criteria?
Please refer to Scholarships Criteria page for complete information.

Travel support[edit]

  • What modes of travel will be provided to selected national applicants?
Based on the journey time from the city of residence to Hyderabad, we have two scholarship categories for national participants.
  • National Category: It is preferred when the journey time of the participant is more than eleven hours. An air route of transport (airplane and economy class) will be preferred for such participants.
  • Regional Category: It is preferred when the journey time of the participant is less than eleven hours. A land route of transport (Bus or train, as per the participant’s preference) will be preferred for such participants.
Apart from the national category, we also have SAARC and International (Wikimedians who are contributing to Indic projects but are not located in India) categories whose mode of travel will be air by default.
  • How many types of scholarships are being awarded to participate in WikiConference India 2023?
We are planning to support close to 120 people in all the categories of scholarship applicants. For a detailed break-up under each category, please refer to Scholarships categories page.

Other support[edit]

  • Is childcare available for the participants who are parents with a newborn child?
Yes, upon request we are willing to provide childcare, but there are limited slots, and will be provided on First-Come-First-Served basis only.
  • Is the venue accessibility-friendly?
Yes, the Operations team is trying its best to make the event and venue as accessible as possible for all. Necessary arrangements are being taken care of to provide support for the following categories of accessibility depending on the registration form data.
  • Physical accessibility (Reduced mobility)
  • Sensory accessibility (Blind or partially sighted, Deafness /hard of hearing)
  • Cognitive accessibility (Neurodivergence)
  • Language accessibility (Non-English speaker)
  • Other accessibility (if any mentioned specifically by the participant)
  • Are translations supported during the event?
  • Having more than 20+ active language communities, translations from English to all other languages can be challenging and requires time and effort for the same.
  • However, the Communications and Operations teams are trying to create an effective way of translations for the requested participants. The final decision on the plan of action for translations will be out only after we get the list of languages to which content needs to be translated.