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WikiConference NA Communications meeting agenda 2021-05-10[edit]

Prioritize the agenda
  • NOTE: As of 2021-05- 06 10, was timing out
  • Call for presentations on June 1st: Is this something we wish to do just on Wiki & via social media, or are there other channels? How are we doing this in Spanish & French?
  • External outreach to media: what are our goals?
  • What are our best targets? Traditional media, Internet sites, social media?
  • In 2019, we had attendance from people from Google, Facebook, & the Internet Archive. (do we leave anyone out?) Do we want to reach out to them?
  • Friendly Space Policy
Last year we had the original in English, & 94% completed for the French translation. We had no Spanish translation.
  • Can we start with updating last year's English Friendly Space Policy? Are there additional changes that we need to make?
  • Who will do/oversee the translation for Friendly Space Policy/fr?
  • Who will do/oversee the translation for Friendly Space Policy/es?
  • Header templates: something like:
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  • Communication during the conference

Other agenda items to be added from the Event budget table.
  • Next meeting is Sunday 2021-05-30. That will give a Monday for Program, a Monday for Logistics, and then a Program+Communications meeting to finalize our announcement of the call-for-presentations. This next Communications meeting would be the day before the WMCA annual meeting.

2021-05-10 minutes[edit]