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Join us for #WikiForHumanRights November 15-January 30! Celebrate Human Rights!


This toolkit provides a series of materials, draft messages, and other campaign assets to help amplify the upcoming #WikiForHumanRights campaign. It also contains ideas and information to help amplify volunteer efforts around the campaign and publicize it to wide audiences.

What’s happening for communications of the campaign - timeline[edit]

From November through January

Wikimedia communities around the world will be adding content to Wikipedia about human rights. Specifically, content will be improved about the UN Declaration of Human Rights and youth activists and the causes they support. This will be a time to reach out to media to cover edit-a-thons, invite partners to participate, and begin compiling materials (like photos of events) to share during the December public launch.

From December through January 30th

On 10 of December, International Human Rights Day, we will promote the campaign publicly on social media and with press. We will encourage everyone to get to know their rights and ask followers to get involved by using the hashtag and answering the question - why is getting to know your human rights important? We’ll highlight responses, community events taking place, and new and improved articles from the campaign throughout the week. We’ll continue to promote the campaign through January 30th.  

Campaign communications objectives[edit]

  1. Connect Wikimedia and the free knowledge movement to human rights as a way to illustrate the value of free knowledge to people’s lives
  2. Build awareness about human rights and highlight this new, more accessible content to a wide public audience
  3. Create conversations and public discussion around free knowledge and human rights.

Key Messages[edit]

  • At Wikimedia, we believe that free access to knowledge is a fundamental human right—that anyone, anywhere should have the ability to learn more about the world around them.
  • To both exercise our human rights and advocate for others— we must know and understand them. As a global hub for the free knowledge movement and one of the most popular and beloved websites in the world, Wikipedia provides an essential channel for understanding human rights and their context.
  • This International Human Rights Day, Wikipedia volunteers, the Wikimedia Foundation, and UN Human Rights are collaborating on a global campaign to improve and add articles about human rights on Wikipedia.
  • The #WikiForHumanRights campaign will make knowledge of human rights more accessible for all. We will increase communications on December 10, timed with the 71st anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and run through January 30th. Everyone is invited to participate.
  • The campaign will focus on improving and adding Wikipedia articles about two key topics - the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the founding document outlining the most fundamental rights for every person and translated in more than 500 languages, and youth activism.
  • With 1.2 billion youth aged 15-24 years globally, accounting for one out of every six people worldwide, there are more adolescents and young people alive today than at any time in human history, and many of them are in the poorest countries or in contexts highly exposed. In the last few years, youth have frequently been major drivers of political, economic and social change.
  • In addition to making all kinds of knowledge about human rights more accessible, the campaign aims to ensure that these youth advocates are visible around the world on Wikipedia!

How to get involved

If you’re interested in getting involved in the campaign, there are a number of ways you can participate:

  • Join an edit-a-thon
    • Check out this page to learn about local events near you and online edit-a-thons to add and improve articles about human rights. Many events will provide support with learning how to edit if you’re a newbie and will also provide lists of topics needing articles on Wikipedia. New events are still being added, so please continue to check!
    • Want to host your own event? Learn how using the organizer toolkit.
  • Share human rights topics that should have articles on Wikipedia
    • Tell us which human rights topics are not represented in your local language wiki, and add them to the campaign list of topics.
  • Tell us why human rights are important to you
    • Help us amplify the campaign on December 10th on social media using the hashtag #WikiForHumanRights and tell us why you think getting to know your human rights is important. You can also re-tweet messages from @Wikimedia throughout the week.
  • Share photos of your events
    • Have photos of an edit-a-thon you ran with your community? Consider uploading them to Wikimedia Commons or sharing them on social media. Be sure to tag @Wikimedia and use the hashtag #WikiForHumanRights and we’ll share your stories!  

Social media sample messages[edit]

Hashtag - #WikiForHumanRights

Campaign visuals[edit]

Campaign visual #1

#WikiForHumanRights campaign gif

Campaign visual #2

Universal Declaration of Human Rights explainer

Add photos of your events to Wikimedia Commons here.

We might highlight your photos from @Wikipedia and @Wikimedia in December!

Brouillons de mail pour les partenaires potentiels et la presse[edit]

Partner email[edit]

Subject: Join #WikiForHumanRights campaign to expand knowledge about human rights

Hi X,

I am from [AFFILIATE], and I’d like to invite you to join an upcoming campaign to improve the availability of knowledge about human rights online. The campaign is a collaboration between UN Human Rights, the Wikimedia Foundation, and [AFFILIATE].

There are a number of ways you or your institution can get involved:

  1. Help us amplify the campaign on December 10th (International Human Rights Day) on social media by using the hashtag #WikiForHumanRights and telling us why you think getting to know your human rights is important. You can also re-tweet messages from @Wikipedia and [AFFILIATE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT].
  2. Partner with us to host an edit-a-thon where volunteers will improve articles about human rights on Wikipedia. Volunteers can be available to train your institution on how to edit and share lists of topics needing articles on Wikipedia.
  3. Does your institution have books, news articles, or other resources with information about human rights? We’re always looking for material to cite in new articles!

If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Thank you,

Media pitch[edit]

Objet: Campagne #WikiForHumanRights : enrichir les contenus Wikipédia concernant les droits humains


Le 10 décembre, [NOM D'AFFILIE ou des Wikipédien·ne·s impliqué·e·s] et le Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies aux Droits de l'homme commencent une campagne visant à améliorer et développer les contenus concernant les droits humains sur Wikipédia.

Nous organisons un événement le [DATE] et nous souhaiterions vous inviter pour vous informer sur la campagne, les raisons pour lesquelles les bénévoles s'impliquent, et pourquoi traiter du sujet des droits humains sur Wikipédia nous semble si important.

Si vous souhaitez nous rejoindre ou en savoir davantage sur cette campagne, n'hésitez pas à me poser des questions.

En vous remerciant,