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When to do what




The Wikimedia Sverige and the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Sweden develops a schedule for the campaign. They agree on a division of responsibilities and what to do next.

November to December


Following tasks should have been done by the middle of December:

  • It is good if the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Sweden has made an update of the material from the previous year and emailed this material to embassies around the world together with information about the campaign. This material is called WikiGap toolkit and you'll find it here.
  • Wikimedia Sverige has to send an short invitation/notice to all of those from the Wikimedia movement that has been interested in WikiGap before, but also to those who might be interested in participating this year, announcing that there will be a WikiGap campaign during the next year. They also have to create new campaign pages at Meta.
  • It is also of very big importance that the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Wikimedia Sverige have a dialogue and works together finding cooperation areas between embassies and Wikimedian organizers.
  • The list of ambassadors should be updated to ensure that communication support is provided for the year.



During January it’s time for everybody to get a bit more involved. Embassies have to connect with local actors and organizers from the Wikimedia movement and set the frames for the WikiGap events. They need to solve different kinds of questions. Both logistic and practical ones but also questions which involve communication and technology. They need to discuss questions like;what’s important to highlight in an invitation to an WikiGap event, what kind of biographies will be edited and where is the event going to take place (see example here or read more about these things in the toolkit)

Wikimedia Sverige, that has the role of being the international coordinator, needs to share some more information about WikiGap and what the organizers have to do and think about when to organize the events. They also need to put up a WikiGap campaign at the Program and Event Dashboard and in some cases be the link between embassies and organizers helping them handing over contacts and give good advice to the ones wanting to commit to WikiGap, perhaps even for the first time. For instructions how to set up the Dashboard, see here

The WikiGap Challenge should be launched for the year. For instructions on how to efficiently organize it, please see here.



One thing that is of great importance for everybody engaged in WikiGap to know about is that there is a big need for a clear and simple communication between the different actors that are involved in. During the month of February the organizers of the events ought to announce their participation at the event list at Meta and put up a program at the dashboard but also have a communication with the coordinator of the campaign around their contacts.

The ones that are engaged in arranging an event should have communicated the event in different types of media and social media channels and also ought to have an ongoing conversation with each other about things that have to be solved until the date for the event. The Ministry of Foreign affairs in Sweden and Wikimedia Sverige still needs to be in place to solve problems and issues that they can handle in different ways and they also need to inform and remind the organizers about how important the communication is. For an example of a communication plan, see here.



This is the month when most of the events are to be arranged and everything has to be in order to make it a success. Every organizer has to be aware of their responsibilities. Each event should be followed up by an evaluation made by the participants. Ideally each organizer is encouraged to produce some posts about results, participation and the campaign to spread awareness about the campaign and the issues it is trying to tackle.

From April and onwards


The Ministry of Foreign affairs in Sweden and Wikimedia Sverige continues to be in contact with organizers that need support with different types of questions. They communicate about the result from the campaign to date and make an evaluation over the preparations and implementation.