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Format of the event[edit]

Main format

Webinar, video conferencing, screen sharing, Google Meet helpdesk, online editing, and follow-up

3 months
Main goal

Get all the regional heritage documented via Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikipedia

Main target audience

Dutch-speaking Wikipedians, regional heritage responsibles/curators, even complete beginners

Total number of participants


Number of organizers


Language(s) spoken during the event


Tools used
Methods used
  • Video instruction, online documentation, WhatsApp
  • Question and answer -> documented on project pages in a structured way

WhatsApp, e-mail, Programs & Events Dashboard, video instruction, online documentation

Lessons learned[edit]


  • Preparing an initial inventory of subjects with Wikidata
  • Autogenerate project pages with Lysteria Bot queries


  • Find interested and motivated participants
  • Get participants to "feel at home" with webinars, and video conferencing -> for a lot of participants those are complete new tools
  • You need to be able to explain the complexity of "all" the tools, including Wikipedia and companion projects, in an easy language
  • You need to follow-up each of the participants, personally and asynchronously

Possible improvements[edit]

  • Making better video instruction and short demo sessions
  • Have an excellent PowerPoint presentation (publish as PDF on Wikimedia Commons)
  • Write down clear Wiki notes on project pages


  • Allow sufficient time
  • Attract sufficient and capable teachers, and coaches
  • Have a lot of patience (with the participants)
  • Participants must acquire the skills to use audio, video, and screen sharing to solve problems

Other comments[edit]

It proves that for a successful project you need all of:


Questions & discussions[edit]

If you want to talk to the the organizers, ask further questions, feel free to use the talk page.