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The WikiSeder is a secular celebration of wiki wisdom and free culture in the age of the quarantini. As we pass through our current plague, let us come together from our lockdowns to retell stories of liberation and crisis overcome through fellowship and information-sharing.

It was held for Monday April 13, 2020, the sixth night of Passover, and also the day after Easter. It will be livestreamed on Wikipedia Weekly Network, and will be supported by the community of Wikimedia New York City.

You can view and participate at 7pm US Eastern (23:00 UTC) on the following platforms:

Kaddesh (קדש). Urchatz (ורחץ).[edit]

First Cup of Wine. “I will bring you out” - Let's drink to the founders! Shehecheyanu.

We wash our hands.

Karpas (כרפס). Yachatz (יחץ).[edit]

Dipping and hiding.

We wash our hands again.

Maggid (מגיד). Rachtzah (רחצה).[edit]

Matzo, the quick bread of crisis. Ha Lachma Anya.

"Why is this site different from all other sites?" Ma Nishtana.

Wisdom of Ben Zoma.

"The Four Editors". The Wise, the Wicked, the Simple, and the One-Who-Hath-No-Capacity-To-Inquire.

Ten Plagues. Plagues of Egypt

  1. Bias
  2. Systemic bias
  3. Borders
  4. Misinformation
  5. Disinformation
  6. No information
  7. Ownership
  8. Deletionism
  9. Closed access
  10. Smiting of the Newbies

Second Cup of Wine. “I will deliver you” - Let's drink to the sustainers! Dayenu.

Motzi Matzah (מוציא מצה).[edit]

More on Matzo.

Maror (מרור). Korech (כורך).[edit]

Bitter herbs.

Hillel - the strategy, the ethic of reciprocity, and the sandwich. "That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow."

Shulchan Orech (שלחן עורך).[edit]

The strategic meal.

Chewing on trivia of the Afikoman, awarding of barnstars.

Tzafun (צפון). Barech (ברך).[edit]

Third Cup of Wine. “I will redeem you” - Let's drink to the re-users! Chad Gadya

Hallel (הלל). Nirtzah (נרצה).[edit]

Fourth Cup of Wine. “I will take you as my people” - Let's drink to the gatherers! L'Shana Haba'ah, Next year in Wikimania!

Wikisongs: I Will Revise

More triviality.