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new (not finished)

WikiVids.Net is a take at an open source “system” where users can filter the best of educational videos on subjects ranging from big to small through categories and 2 types of voting systems. Users will be encouraged to raise the bar when bringing out the best in (limited to) 2, 3 or 4 mins videos of education that they can. Reasons for limiting videos to just 2, 3 or 4 mins, first it could make the website more open to a wider range of users, then users can build interests in viewing multiple video(which can build interests to different topics), since its short, and it allows video makers to setup unique goals to strive for since in most cases it's not enough time to explain in too deep many different points, users would stick with 1, 2, or more, with more direct information from lectures and/or with visual explanations. These videos will be voted on with a 5.0 star system, and a point of view (POV) system where an individual has 3 choices out of 15 words (eg. beautiful, informative, courageous, jaw-dropping, confusing...) that describe the video best, being able to pick the same word 3 times if suited. The POV system can give users another direction when making videos, a goal to strive for, with expressions like beautiful, creative, and so on, it can influence users to target those expressions, since they can view top videos from POV categories as well. There will be multiple comment sections with voting features on the main "video viewing page", users can comment on the video and other things, or if they want to contribute, in an isolated area they can comment with concerns or ways that could better the video they watched. If they choose to they can edit the video themselves the way they want and challenge the original to a vote out. Voting will need to be seemless, with fairly simple structures in place, giving users the ability to vote and change a lot of the functions of the website in a fair way without much effort. We will encourage users to flag videos, for many different reasons, like if video is inappropriate, in wrong category, or very close to mirroring another video. In the case of inappropriate videos, more advanced users (*higher level) will have a chance to view these and vote to delete or other with other users, and the user that posted the video can be temporarily limited with their posts and comments, and/or can be on a watch list of some sort for a short time frame.

old post

Wikiusability would be a chance at contributing to a different type of "wiki" per se, where you can use short video footage to express ideas on all subjects of matter. The goal is to have a continually evolving information website and in some time fairly large collection of user posted material, which can be categorized in many forms through voting systems and subject categories. To have the webpage continual, it would need to be fun and easy to contribute to, simple yet entertaining, while being educational. Limiting the uploads to 3, 4, or 5 mins so to not get populated with long lectures and full documentaries, which can discourage new users from contributing. Along side that is the voting system that can allow users to vote in a 5 or 10 star system as well as choosing 3 words out of a provided 15 to express their thoughts after viewing, some examples of those words; jaw-dropping, ingenious, beautiful, confusing. This webpage with the right direction can potentially make sharing video information into a new artform.

Here are some points to show what I mean by this idea:

-Important Topics/Folders/Category/Subjects

I was thinking it could group out sort of like this, as well as continually be updated to impliment more categories naturally:

   -Natural Science
     -Earth Science
     -so on.........
   -Social and Behavioral Science
       -Human Nature
   -Applied Science
   -Formal Science
   -Philosophy of Science
 -And so on...

Video Application

-Each category/subject, from more substantial ones like eg. science to ones that are more specific like eg. relationships, will allow for users the ability to post videos to relate to that topic. So for science some would post info explaining how science is fundamental trial and error, while others would post more artistic ways of explaining science, like the song: Symphony of Science - The Poetry of Reality LINK:

-Video lenght limited somehow eg. limited to a max of 3 or 4 mins per video contribution, and have it open to change through voting after, even category to category can be made to fit a maximum timeframe.

-There would be a push to have a wide range of contributers, and directed away from getting hours of videos on one topic from one individual, which could intimidate an average person, and bring the overall cyclical traffic to the webpage down.

-People can post anyones ideas as well as their own on the subject, even make a collage of lecture's of known as well as unknown speakers, small quotes even.

Voting System

-similar to; pick 3 that explains the video the best out from the list: jaw-dropping, persuasive, courageous, ingenious, fascinating, inspiring, beautiful, funny, informative, OK, unconvincing, confusing, longwinded, obnoxious

-with an overall rating as well eg. 5 or 10 stars

-with all that information, people will be able to find videos through filters or reputation.

Nature of the industry

-This website can be self sustaining like wikipedia is and fun to contribute to

-As videos get posted and get rated it can have a natural influence since its a collective rating system and nonbias towards any isolated ideals

-It can become a source where people go to find clips they want to use for other purposes, larger documentaries

Proposed by[edit]

Attila Csomos

Alternative names[edit]

Wikitube Wikitude Wikividia Wikivids Wikivid

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  • Brian Petticrew
  • Kevin Labonte
  • Yazan Sinan
  • SJ · talk | translate (for "wikitube"... or perhaos wikitude?)