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Learning and thinking


Wikiversity seeks to engage participants in explorations of those topics that they are most interested in. Wikiversity seeks to collect and organize information and make it accessible to learners, but Wikiversity is not just concerned with a collection of facts. Each domain of human knowledge and each collection of facts can be explored by making use of various organizational strategies and patterns of thinking. Wikiversity seeks to make explicit and learnable the patterns of thought that that experts find useful in the study of different subjects. Wikiversity is not about tests and grades. So how is anyone to judge if learning is taking place, if learners are thinking at Wikiversity?

Wiki 101
Wikiversity is devoted to the idea that Wikiversity participants should be active learners. In a wiki, a major activity is editing wiki pages. The wiki editing interface can a source of confusion for new users. "Wiki 101" is a Wikiversity project devoted to the task of providing new Wikiversity editors with everything they need to start editing Wikiversity pages.

It is through the editing of wiki pages that we can, as a learning community, judge if learning is taking place within Wikiversity. Did something you saw at Wikiversity make you think? If so, share your thoughts and experiences by being a wiki editor.

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