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Proposal for Wiki Loves Africa in 2016

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WLAf 2016 Nigeria[edit]

Measures of success[edit]

The contest would be considered a success in Nigeria if

  • at least 70 people participates
  • at least 950 are uploaded after the contest
  • If at least 16 new editors are recruited
  • 2 months after the contest, 165 uploaded photos are used on other Wikimedia projects such as English Wikipedia and Yoruba Language Wikipedia

Possible Programs[edit]

Several programs (events and activities) would be organized as part of this contests.

Contest launching[edit]

The contest will be launched either at Nigeria Institute of Cultural Orientation (NICO) or Goethe Institute in Lagos Nigeria in the first week of December 2016. Our targets participants would be mainly professional photographers and cultural group.


There would be photowalks to the under-listed festivals in Nigeria

  1. Calabar festival in Cross River State
  2. Igogo festival in Owo, Ondo State
  3. Yam festival in Osun State
  4. Eyo festival in Lagos State


There would be edit-a-thon in the month of March 2016. This would primarily focus on the use of images gather during the contest on en and yo Wikipedia articles.


There would be workshops in four cultural-rich states in Nigeria, namely: Lagos, Calabar, Ondo and Osun State. At least 10 professional photographers in each state would attend the workshop.

Team members[edit]



Budget table for launching[edit]

The estimated budget for launching is outlined below:

Sl.No Category Description Quantity Rate (NGN) Total (NGN) Total (USD) Notes
Cost for the launching
(Sumtotal : 127165.02 NGN)
1 Communications Merchandise 1 event 2500 (each) x10 25000 78 This includes Wiki Loves Africa Tshirts, and Customized WLA pen.
2 Events Food 20 1500 30000 94.34
3 Events Tea/coffee 20 120 2400 7.55
4 Gift Awards for winners 3 (at the venue) 69960 69960 220 Ist prize 100 = USD worth of voucher, 2nd prize 70 USD worth of voucher, 3rd prize = 50 USD worth of vouchers
Total: NGN 127165.02 (USD 399.89)

Budget breakdown for photo walk[edit]

This is the budget breakdown for the photo walk.:

Sl.No Category Description Quantity Rate (NGN) Rate (USD) Total (NGN) Total (USD) Notes
Cost per photo walk
(Sumtotal : 208,000 NGN)
1 Travel Car hiring 4 11000 44000 34.08 137.50 This will cover the transport expenses for 2 community members to the venue.
2 Events Accommodation 4 10000 40000 31.44 125 Shared accommodation for 2 wikimedians
3 Events Food 4 5000 20000 15.72 62.89
Total: NGN 103474.02 (USD 325.39))
Grand Total: NGN 103474.02 (USD 325.39)

Workshop Budget Breakdown per Workshop[edit]

Sl.No Category Description Total (USD)
Cost per workshop
(Sumtotal : 250.00USD)
1 Events Venue 150.00
2 Internet and phone expenses Data for the modem 30.00
3 Events Projector 47.00
4 Events Light refreshment: Tea and biscuits 10.00
5 Events Generator 13.00
Total: USD 250

Budget Breakdown for edit-a-thon[edit]

This is the budget breakdown for edit-a-thon to get uploaded photo used on Wikipedia.

Sl.No Category Description Total (USD)
Cost per workshop
(Sumtotal : 50.00USD)
1 Internet and telephone expenses Data for the modem 30.00
2 Events Light refreshment:Tea and biscuits 20.00
Total: USD 50

Budget summary[edit]

Summary of the entire budgets.

Line Item USD
Launching 399.89
Photo work 325.39
Workshop 850.11
Edit-a-thon 50.00
Total 1775.28

Part of the budget funded : 1300 dollars.
We are please to inform you that we have allocated money to support Wiki Loves Africa 2016 in your country ! The entirety of the sum will be sent before the beginning of the contest. Please check out guidelines for next steps on the African ML. Thanks Anthere (talk)

since the allocated budget is slightly less than asked for, feel free to update your budget with the new figures, but please let the old figures there as well (strick them))
Hi@Anthere and Islahaddow:, we are sorry for the delayed reply. We are so excited with the news for the funding our project. We promise to do our part of the deal diligently.Olaniyan Olushola (talk) 05:36, 12 October 2016 (UTC)[reply]
Great ! Thanks @Olaniyan Olushola: We'll do our best on our side to make that work. Please note that has already received the funds from WMF. So we can expect funds to be available to you quickly :) Do not forget to get in contact with Elisabeth before this week-end (she should be back saturday or sunday) to get the ball rolling. Anthere (talk)

Best images from the competition in Nigeria[edit]