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All webinars, office-hours and other Wiki Loves Africa-local organiser meetings for the 2022 contest are documented on this page.

WikiAfrica Hour – Episode 10: Building communities, one photo at a time[edit]

What is it like organizing local photo contests as part of an Int'l photo contests? Challenges, Lessons, Successes?

Date of broadcast: 25/02/2022

The podcast featured:

Watch this episode here.

2021 [edit]

Presentation of WLA 2021 during WikiArabia 2021[edit]

Video : Presentation of WLA 2021 during WikiArabia 2021
In English. 23 mn

WikiAfrica Hour - Photographers from Africa tell the stories[edit]

Video: Photographers from Africa tell the stories behind their award winning Wiki Loves Africa images
English and French. 2 hours.
WikiAfrica Hour : Wiki Loves Africa 2021: Meet the winners. Episode 5.
Getting up-close and personal with the jury and winners of the Wiki Loves Africa 2021 photographic contest. Ceslaused asked them about their photography journey and why and how they decided to contribute to the Wiki Loves Africa 2021 contest.
Episode guests :
(timestamp 04:07) Panel 1: Two jurors from the 2021 Wiki Loves Africa Int’l jury talk about the winning images, and the place of African photography on global photography stage
  • Nicky Newman (Member Wiki Loves Africa 2021 Int'l Jury) and
  • Wilfredor Rodriguez (Member Wiki Loves Africa 2021 Int'l Jury).
(timestamp 18:44) Panel 2: The photographers and winners of the prize categories talk about their photography journeys in Africa, challenges, winnings and prospects.
  • Ewien van Bergeijk-Kwant (1st prize winner),
  • Ozavogu Abdusalam Khalid (2nd prize contract photographer),
  • Amuzu Joe (3rd prize winner),
  • Kevin Rack (traditional prize winner), and
  • Bouba Kam's (best Video prize winner).
(timestamp 1:08:19) Panel 3: Coordinator of the Special Collection prize winner, and one of the 3 photographers talk about their efforts towards preparing the entries that won the Special Collection prize, the Nos Jardins Initiative and its benefits.
  • Minette Lotsie (special collection prize winner coordinator) and
  • Max MBAKOP (one of the Special collection prize winners photographers).
(timestamp 1:36:31) Q and A section

Wikimedia and GLAM in the Global South Presentation - August 2021[edit]

Video:Wikimedia and GLAM in the Global South (Part 1)
Presentation of Wiki Loves Africa 2021 and its winners from Isla during Wikimania 2021. About 10 mn. In English

WikiAfrica Hour - the role photography plays within a Wikimedia context - 28 May 2021[edit]

Video: What's involved when sharing your photographs on Wikipedia. In English.
WikiAfrica Hour : The Lowdown on Commons ... Episode 2 is where we discussed the role photography plays within a Wikimedia context, with experienced guest speakers from Wiki Loves Earth, WPWP Campaign, Nos Jardins and Nigeria Commons Photographers User Group.
Highlights include:
  • What opportunities exist for photographers? (timestamp 03:32) Topic 1: Wiki Loves Earth – User:Shahadusadik (Sadik)
  • How can we make sure that the images are useful? (timestamp 06:49) Topic 2: Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos - User:T Cells (Isaac)
  • What kind of training is available to photographers? (timestamp 16:47) Topic 3: Nos Jardins - User:Serieminou (Minette )
  • What kind of community exists within Wikimedia for photographers? (timestamp 29:49) Topic 4: Commons Photographers User Group - User:Anasskoko (Anas)

Masterclass : How to make images on Wikimedia Commons more useful for Wikipedia - April 2021[edit]

Video Masterclass : How to make images on Wikimedia Commons more useful for Wikipedia
This Wiki Loves Africa Masterclass provides a range of methods to make their images more useful on Wikimedia Commons and therefore more likely to be used within the Wikimedia projects, like Wikipedia. The Masterclass is intended for photographers and organisers of Wikimedia events that have uploaded their images to Wikimedia Commons. The Masterclass is hosted as part of Wiki Loves Africa annual photographic contest.
Topic 1: Filling in important details while uploading - Isla Haddow-Flood
  • Tutorial: Adding important details whilst using the upload wizard
Topic 2 : Categories on Wikimedia Commons - Florence Devouard (timestamp 21:55)
  • Adding categories to an already uploaded images
  • Creating a category and a sub-category (c:Commons:Categories)
  • Why this is important:
  • Using HotCat and other preloaded shortcuts
Topic 3 : After uploading, so many jobs still to do - user:GuillaumeG (timestamp 51:14)
Topic 4 : WPWP and other image placement drives - User:T Cells (Isaac) (timestamp 1:18:47)
  • Next WPWP drive in July 2021
  • Petscan to find articles without images
Topic 5 : Improving image descriptions with structured data - Isla Haddow-Flood (timestamp 1:53:35)

Webinar : Improving the usefulness of uploaded images - Saturday 27th March[edit]

Video:Watch on YouTube
Topic: Improving the usefulness of uploaded images

Webinar: IP, licences and legal considerations - Saturday 06th Feb[edit]

Video:Watch on Youtube
In English
Hosts :
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Licences issues
  • Rules and howtos on Wikimedia Commons with regards to IP, licences and legal considerations
More on that webinar : Wiki Loves Africa 2021/Meetings/Feb 06th : IP and licences

Meeting Saturday 23rd Jan : First steps in organizing WLA 2021[edit]

Video: Watch on YouTube
  • WLA 2020 survey results
  • general organisation
  • Q/A
  • tasks and who can help do what
  • which tutorials to prepare...
  • montage issues...
More on that webinar : Wiki Loves Africa 2021/Meetings/Jan 23 : Survey results and needs


Webinar - Webinar francophone WLA 2020 - Mars 2020[edit]

Video: Webinar francophone WLA 2020
In French. By Bachounda and Anthere. 1h
Presentation : c:Commons:Wiki Loves Africa 2020/Comment participer à Wiki Loves Africa tout en restant chez nous

Webinar - WLA 2020 - March 2020[edit]

Video : Complete presentation about Wiki Loves Africa and how to contribute
In English. 1h20 mn


Enter the 2020 competition here:
  • Join the conversation
  • Contributing:
  • Register on Commons
  • Steps to enter and Rules
  • Entry page
  • Tutorial for uploading your images
Benefits for photographers
  • Creative Commons and Photography
Understanding licences:
Community involvement:
  • How to get involved (for 2021 ;-))

Tutorial: Wiki Loves Africa upload wizard tutorial - Feb 2020[edit]

Video: Wiki Loves Africa upload wizard tutorial
In English, 4 minutes