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This page is a translated version of the page Wiki Loves Folklore 2020 and the translation is 36% complete.
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Welcome to Wiki Loves Folklore!
Wiki Loves Folklore on Wikipedia
Wiki Loves Folklore on Wikipedia

Results will be announced at the latest on 1 September 2020 on this page, and if possible before the end of June due to the work load of evaluating

Wiki Loves Folklore is an international Wikipedia contest organized by the Wikimedia community to document cultures in different regions of the world with emphasise on theme of folk culture. This project page focuses on articles written on the topic on Wikipedia in different languages. A parallel photo contest is organized on Wikimedia Commons Folklore theme). For information on the photo contest visit the page on commons.

Subthemes are : folk dances, folk music, folk activities, folk games, folk cuisine, folk wear, folklore and tradition, including: ballads, folktales, fairy tales, legends, traditional song and dance, folk plays, games, seasonal events, calendar customs, folk arts, folk religion, mythology etc.


The basic aim of the competition is to collect articles on human cultural diversity in the worldwide free encyclopedia Wikipedia and other Wikimedia Foundation projects. This year we focus on folk culture around the globe, with a particular attention to closing the gender gap, as we are partnering with les sans pages.

Since 2019, we have added a multilingual Wikipedian contest to the Commons contest and chosen to place the project on meta allowing interwikis, inter-lingual and inter-project cooperation, to foster the true aspect of our global wikilove movement.

The articles provided must match the theme, which means that most users will be able to find several pertaining subjects close to theme, whether festivals, dances, cuisine, clothing or daily life routine emphasizing on folk culture of that area. You are free to choose an article from our working list, or pick up a topic of your own provided it is in relation with the main theme and focusing on closing the gender gap.


To participate :

  1. add your project or participant name on the project page.
  2. choose an article from the Wiki Loves Folklore 2020/List of Articles of search for a subject
  3. write your article / translate / expand and don't forget to add references
  4. add the created or expanded articles on the page List of Articles in the "result" section

Please note : articles that are not added on the list of upgraded / created articles will not be taken in consideration.


  • 1 February 2020 (00:01 UTC) – 31 March 2020 (23:59 UTC) (for creating articles)
  • 1–29 February 2020 (for the photography contest, see Commons photography contest)
  • Results will be announced on 1 September 2020 on this page if possible due to the workload of evaluating



  • T-shirts to local organizer.
  • T-shirts and goodies to top 5 contributors of the whole multilingual contest
  • Postcards for contributors creating at least 5 articles (due to COVID-19 this is not going to be possible unfortunately)
  1. 1st prize: 50 dollars
  2. 2nd prize: 30 dollars
  3. 3rd prize: 20 dollars

Criteria for winning:

  • well referenced article, originality of the subject with respect to the theme of gender gap, diversity of origin, structured article, number of articles produced, and bonus if you are able to use a photograph from the Commons contest of wiki loves love!