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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

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Created Articles[edit]

Please add the articles you created here (mention if articles are translated and the project they stem from if needed)

Expanded Articles[edit]

Please add the articles you expanded or illustrated here, mentionning clearly in a few brief words what was done.

List of Articles to create, illustrate or improve[edit]

Wikidata queries[edit]


  1. Category:Love
  2. Category:Marriage, unions and partnerships by country
  3. Category:Marriage
  4. Category:Types_of_marriage
  5. Miscellaneous

New Articles[edit]

There is no obligation to choose an article from this list to expand or translate, these are mainly suggestions. Feel free to add more, provided they are within the scope of the theme (love festivals, ceremonies and demonstration of love).

wikidata enwiki frwiki itwiki arwiki eswiki ruwiki dewiki esperanto wiki Other language (please add a column) commons (photos)
Q2505911 en:Chinese marriage es:Matrimonio en China ru:Китайский брак
Q13423122 en:Qixi Festival fr:Qixi it:Qixi جشنواره کیکسی es:Qi xi ru:Цисицзе de:Qixi Category:Tanabata
Q6488029 en:Laotong fr:Laotong ru:Лаотун
Q1300405 fr:Kiltgang de:Kiltgang
Q272026 en:Polyamory fr:Polyamour it:Poliamore es:Poliamor ru:Полиамория de:Polyamorie Category:Polyamory
Q6772886 en:Marriage in modern China
Q7833759 Transamerican Love Story
Q3278334 en:''The Bachelorette'' es:The Bachelorette
Q910146 en:The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl fr:Le Bouvier et la Tisserande de:Kuhhirte und Weberin category:The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl
Q21659013 Rites de mariage kazakhs ru:Казахские свадебные обряды
Q3550316 Free union Union libre
Q2829442 Ala Kachuu Ala Kachuu Ala Kachuu
Q3291123 [[:en: fr:Mariage d'enfants au Rajasthan [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
Q21659013 [[:en: fr:Rites de mariage kazakhs [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: ru:Казахские свадебные обряды [[:de: c:Category:Wedding ceremonies of Kazakhs
Q2377548 en:Fosterage fr:Fosterage [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: ru:Аталычество [[:de: [[c:Category:
Q1779364 en:Restavek fr:Reste-avec it:Restavek [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: de:Restavec eo: Restavek [[c:Category:
Q686027 en:Epithalamium fr:Épithalame it:Epitalamio [[:ar: es:Epitalamio ru:Эпиталама de:Epithalamium [[c:Category:
Q6809154 en:Megullia Dotata fr:Megullia Dotata [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
Q7560235 en:Something old fr:Quelque chose de vieux [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
Q1765533 en:Seishitsu fr:Seishitsu [[:it: ar:سايشيتسو [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
Q1091673 en:Cicisbeo fr:Sigisbée it:Cicisbeo [[:ar: es:Chichisbeo ru:Чичисбей de:Chichisbeo [[c:Category:
wikidata:Q3488969 [[:en: fr:Soirée du henné [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: [[:en: fr:Mariage thaï [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Vena amoris fr:Vena amoris :it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
Q476431 en:Vivaah fr:Vivaha [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: ru:Виваха [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata:Q996798] [[:en: fr:Schmolitz [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: ru:Брудершафт de:Brüderschaft trinken [[c:Category:
[[wikidata:Q996798] en:Chéries-Chéris fr:Chéries-Chéris [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata:Q3045118[[ [ fr:Désir… Désirs
Q3291133 [[:en: fr:Mariage en Tunisie [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
wikidata:Q2383348 en:Open marriage [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
wikidata:Q5284677 en:Divorce of same-sex couples [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
wikidata:Q3057768 [[:en: fr:Escal-Vigor [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Marriage Equality Act (Vermont) [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Hindu Widows' Remarriage Act, 1856 [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Bengali Hindu wedding [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Bengali Muslim wedding [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:History of same-sex unions [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Blessing of same-sex unions in Christian churches [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:First same-sex marriage in Spain [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Same-sex marriage and the family [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Daniel Andrew Gross and Steven Goldstein [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017 [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Bride burning [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Lavender marriage [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Marriage 'à la façon du pays' [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Void marriage [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Common-law relationships in Manitoba [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Nikah 'urfi [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Common-law marriage in the United States [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Kiss cam [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Kyz kuu [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Post Office (game) [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Seven minutes in heaven [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Spin the bottle [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Making out [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Making out [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017 [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Hindu Widows' Remarriage Act, 1856 [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Chinnari Pellikuthuru [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Sexual abuse in Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz archdiocese [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Catholic Church sex abuse cases by country [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Catholic Church and gay marriage [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Church 2011 [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:
[[wikidata: en:Catholic sexual abuse cases in Latin America [[:fr: [[:it: [[:ar: [[:es: [[:ru: [[:de: [[c:Category:

Articles to be expanded[edit]

Francophone Wikipedia[edit]

Images used for illustration[edit]

The images from Wiki Loves Love contest can be used to illustrate the articles from the contest. Additionally, if you simply wish to enrich Wikipedia with illustartion of articles, then simply check out the Commons:Category:Accepted images from Wiki Loves Love 2019 and integrate them with the related articles!