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Wikipedia for Peace Tunis Write for Rights/Write for the rights

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Video about Wikipedia for Peace 2015.

A peace project in Tunis from March 22nd to March 25th 2019!

We will take part of the Queer Film Festival activities, and then focus for two days on writing Wikipedia articles and uploading photos on Commons related to the theme. The is event will contribute filling the gap in Wikipedia about LGBTQI+ culture in MENA and African countries.

What is the Queer Film Festival?

In March 2019, a Tunisian NGO, Mawjoudin, is organizing the second edition of the Tunis Queer Film Festival. This festival is the one of its kind not only in the country, but in the whole MENA region as well. It will showcase the artistic production related to Queer topics in the Arab and African countries.

The editathon's participants in Carthage

What will we do at the editathon?

Inspired from the other Wikipedia for peace events, our team is organizing a 3 days editathon where participants will focus on writing, improving and translating articles related to the human rights scene (LGBTQI+ to be more specific) in the MENA region, and the role of Wikipedia in sexual education.

The editathon is the result of a collaboration with the Mawjoudin organization, who will give the participants access to the festival and its activities, will open its headquarters doors to host our editathon and, mostly, will provide us with references to use while writing articles.

The other goal of this project is to engage the local community in Tunisia to join our movement and start editing with us. This will happen through a series of workshops before the March editathon where they will learn to use Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia.

What is Wikipedia for Peace?

We think that Wikipedia needs more and better content on social movements, justice and peace in general. So we started up Wikipedia for Peace, which is a community project organized by Wikimedia. Several events will be organized in the future in different countries to create content on peace issues. So far, we have organized two in Madrid and Stockholm.