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List of LGBTQIA Wikimedians

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual, and other sexual/gender-minority Wikimedians.

(en) English-speaking

  • [US], [GB], [AU], [NZ], [ZA] many countries
Sourendra Kumar Das – LGBTI Activist, Journalist, Fashion Blogger, Photographer.
10000_GeV Confused bisexual teenager musician poet; Boulder, CO.
Evil leafy lover shameless self promotion... @dolichopteroide on twitter. straight at day, lesbian at night.
Admrboltz gay, hetro-phobic
Adam Williamson (I bite. we're somewhat down on the statistics, though. Hmm :))
Adrian I'm lots of things, but straight isn't one of them.
AirOdyssey gay
AlexR trannyfag
Alison9 queerly bi
AmethystAngel (bisexual)
Animated Cascade homoflexible male (well, mostly)
AntonioMartin (bi,bi,bi)
Arcuras (bi guy)
Autiger (mildly prefer gay to queer)
AvestanHamster (gay)
AxelGreaser (Queer FtM)
astique – Bilingual from Fort Lauderdale
Batshua bi-sensual asexual
BCorr ¤ Брайен (bi)
Ben Arnold, a sexy gay man from New Zealand (is that NPoV?)
Blitzkid196 (bi and transgender)
Bluegreen femme lesbian, a bit bi, with a trans history
Brad Johnson
Branddobbe (bi; I never really liked the word "queer", because in my mind it still means "weird" and it strikes me as extremely negative, but whatever)
BrunUQÀM (sarcastic gay studying and living in Montreal, Canada)
Can't sleep, clown will eat me
w:en:User:Caponer (gay Appalachian)
CeltMDC (activist, student, and proud to be queer)
C’est Logique
Christopher Barnes
Chris K. Young (bi, from Auckland, New Zealand)
Constafrequent (identifies as bisexual)
Conti (gender shouldn't matter when you love someone)
Craigy – queer to the core and proud!
Charron – transsexual, sorta bisexual
Daĉjo Italian and English speakin
Dan Simon
Danny (guess I'm in too)
David4286 gay, 17, from Rochester, MN
David Merrill (Okay, count me in!)
David Y (bi)
Davodd (同性愛)
DiamondKesawn (Gay Male, Editor In Chief or Raynbow Affair Magazine)
Dr Adam Carr long-time gay journalist in another life See my homepage
Dysprosia (Ich bin eine Lesbe)
Etoile queer lesbian
Evolauxia bi/queer male
FCYTravis – is this where the recruitment cabal meets?
figure4 Middle-aged Gay man; alas, am inescapably (and very out-of-style) effeminate
Fluffball70 British & Very, very Lesbian
rollingbarrels some bi weirdo...
Francs2000 (gay male, but don't tell my husband...)
Funky Monkey
w:en:User:gaynewyorker (queer, homosexual, gay, the whole nine yards, middle-aged Gay New Yorker)
Ghostfettuccine promoting the gay agenda? ...i don't even HAVE a genda!
GilliamJF (gay/schwul)
Guanaco (every homophobic and biphobic slogan you can think of)
Guy M (Las Vegas, Nv. – Gay/Homosexual/Homo-emotional, not queer)
w:nl:Gebruiker:Henna Some as of yet undefined non-straight thing
HotMess transfem, queer, and pretty darn gay
Hsin Pai
Hyacinth (queer, and gay)
Iothiania (lesbian; I prefer the term queer as I'm a weirdo...)
James (Jim) Steakley
Jesse Liberty bisexual, queer
Joe D
John Pisello
Jonathan Moore (gay in Idaho. frightening...)
Josve05a (en, sv; Jonatan Svensson Glad – gay, 26 yrs)
kaiti (bi)
Kim 金 (Home alone, right in the middle of Jesse Helms land.)
Kimiko (lesbian)
Larrybob queer male interested in zines, music, and writing.
Lauryn Ashby (trans woman)
Mark (I guess I should add myself here as well.)
Mark Dominus
mattbuck (pansexual, possibly polyamorous)
Matty Dean (Gay and Proud in Moscow, Russian Federation)
mav (although I prefer the term gay to queer. But I do understand that some think "queer" is somehow more inclusive; so here is my handle)
MikeX (rampantly homosexual)
ミラP (a "he" (not a she or they) but not necessarily male - don't know what they call it, but it's technically an LGBTQIA+ identity)
Moncrief (I dislike the term "queer" and much prefer "gay").
Montrealais (gay/queer boy, genderqueer, allosexuel)
Morwen (just another transdyke)
M.O.X bisexual
MSTCrow (Although being gay in and of itself isn't any mark of distinction; most gay people aren't at all like myself, for instance.)
N7fty agender, asexual, polyamorous
n8chz (guess I'm out too)
Nacerak homo
Neptunekh I'm Bicurious
Nesi (bi, from Croatia)
NickBurns big, grumpy, silly, chubby gay guy in the Midwest US.
Node ue Gay.
notquiteauden (the gayest, darlings)
ntg (not gay, just a girl who crushes on girls ^_^)
Optim (asexual)
OwenBlacker (gay guy in London, GB who doesn't really care what word you use ;o)
Paige (although I prefer the term Paige to Queer, I'm the T in LGBT...and perhaps one or two of those other letters as well)
Phroziac (bisexual mtf transsexual)
PZFUN (gay, New Yorker, Dane, lingophile photograher)
RachelWex queer Jew living in St. Cloud, Minnesota--always up for an LGBT editathon! :)
Rainmonger gay man from Raleigh, NC
Redfarmer (24 year old gay man from Louisville, Kentucky.)
Rockhopper10r Gay man
roux (guy who likes guys)
Ross Burgess
Salvo queer! frocio!
SD6-Agent bisexual
w:en:User:Mistress Selina Kyle evil bi bitch, yayness...
Prodraxis Aroace and proud.
SilverThorn, a lesbian who says she's gay, and lives in Washington
Sonjaaa queer girl
Spinboy gay
Sputnik gay, from Toronto, and the word queer makes me mad. And don't even get me started on 'faggot'.
Srcastic gay – New York
Ste Carlson
Steve Magruder multidimensional (including gay), Louisville, KY
TheCustomOfLife I'd be lying if I said that the word "queer" didn't piss me off, even just a little.
The lesbian (um, yeah. Though generally I prefer queer.)
Thsmi002: gay
Tlogmer/Ben Yates (bi)
Toby Bartels (bi)
Tom Radulovich
Tony Kao queer guy in markham, ontario
Toucan6 Bisexual
Trey Harris
UtherSRG: trans-bi poly male: I like gals & guys, but prefer trans.
VampWillow – Bi-but-mostly-lesbian, poly, former activist!
Vegie: (China, Gay)
VladMV, male-whatever-you-call-it, gay, queer or homo.
voyager640 ("We're here, we're queer, and we're on a wiki!"
Vystrix Nexoth (bi)
William A. Percy, III (The only thing worse than being flamed is not being flamed!)
Wiki-Coffee: A gay lawyer. Get the laughter out of you!
Yacht: gay
Zidane2k1 (bi)
Zippanova (bi male, Calgary, Alberta)
Zoe R (bisexual transgirl activist)
Zoid-Chan (bi and non-binary)
Shujenchang (gay)
Wyatt lang gay
SamanthaNguyen transgender
Imjustthere (I honestly don't even know anymore, probably bi, probably gay, either way I'm in the community)
Kira Josie Murphy (I'm a bisexual transgender female)
LuGusDeclanBibaElodieBarnaby (trans enby AMAB demigirl)
Nicole Sharp (talk) 18:40, 22 September 2023 (UTC)[reply]
Amy at Wikimedia Community Ireland (bi and non-binary)
Amy The Crafty Cailleach

(fr) French-speaking

  • [FR] France, [BE] Belgium (Wallony, Bruxelles), [CA] Canada (Quebec...), [CH] Switzerland (Suisse Romande), [LU] Luxembourg, North-Western Africa, Central Africa...
daniela Montebello, Transgenre, BDSM et fière de l'être, Montmartre, Paris, France.
freelancer we're here, we're queer and we're gonna save the world
Ganymede44 Gay from Brittany (Breizh/Bretagne)
Goldensun, Gay Français Paris 25 ans
Merc&Dyo, just like men …
Florent (gay, 31, Paris)
Nicolas Frenchy gay :)
onze gay français 25a habitant l'atopiasphere(.net)
Robin Hood Gai, québécois et francophone
Rsmaika in Strasbourg & Berlin !
Solveig Don't care if people that attract me are men or women... working on my women gender to destroy it, anyway.
Thibault Guicherd-Callin en banlieue de w:fr:San Jose dans la w:fr:Silicon Valley
Thibault (gay, 18, Bordeaux (France))
Tryphon (gay, 44, Paris (France))
Vincent Ramos, neither gay nor queer, just « homosexuel », en français, bien sûr. Mon compagnon est .
Thibaut gay, 19 , Nancy
Idrere Paris
Grandevampire Paris
Nattes à chat Geneva
Michael David MILLER Montréal, Québec

(pt) Portuguese-speaking

  • [PT] Portugal, [CV] Cape Verde, [BR] Brasil...
Isabelle 🔔 (non-binary, pansexual)
Guilherme Altmayer (gay)

(es) Spanish-speaking

  • [ES] Spain, Latin America ([PY] Paraguay, [UY] Uruguay, [AR] Argentina, [CL], Chile, [CO] Colombia, [PE] Peru, [VE] Venezuela, [HN] Honduras, [CU] Cuba, [MX] Mexico, …), [US] United States...
Freddy eduardo – (gay, Ecuador, LGBTI activist)
MiguelAlanCS – (gay, Peru/Spain)
Nacaru - (bisexual, France/Spain)
LuisCG11 – (gay, Chile)
JOAN – (bisexual, Colombia)
Amílcar – (bisexual, Chile)

(nl) Dutch-speaking

  • [NL] Netherlands, [BE] Belgium (Flanders, Bruxelles)...
Francis Schonken

(sq) Albanian-speaking

  • [SQ] Albania
Kristina Millona queer and human rights journalist for LGBTIQ+

(ga) Irish-speaking

Amy an t-Oifigeach Gaeilge ag Pobal Éireann Wikimedia
Amy The Crafty Cailleach

(de) German-speaking

  • [DE] Germany, [AT] Austria, [LI] Liechtenstein, [CH] Switzerland...
James (Jim) Steakley

(it) Italian-speaking

Alecto- Gay rapper
Daĉjo ecco qua anche me
Dedda71 ora arriviamo anche noi donne.... :o)
Deed Presente!
Dream Indigo
Fiaschi Non faccio grosse distinzioni ;)
Filip88 Dalla Polonia con amore ^^
Gabriele Deulofleu
Gatto Nero (Non più l'unico italiano nella lista. Uff, mi togliete tutte le soddisfazioni :D)
Giac.omo Beh, ci sono anch'io :)
Giovanni Dall'Orto Gatto nero non sei più solo :-)
Irish Dragon Lesbica e ben presente sul web :P
Paginazero no pride, no shame ;o)
Salvo un altro frocio
Semolo75 ci sono pure io
Stefano Bolognini Stiamo arrivando :-)
Syrio pronti! :)
Tycooko Attivista gay e curatore di Queer World
utonto, formerly jhc (ftm & gay: très queer)
voron slavo-queer :)
Whitewolf Oh, yeah, allora non sono solo. :-)
WinstonSmith Ma guarda quanti insospettabili :D

(ro) Romanian-speaking

  • [RO] Romania

(vi) Vietnamese

  • [VN] Vietnam...

(sr) Serbian-speaking

  • [SR] Serbia, [BA] Bosnia & Herzegovina...
Bojan Cvetanović

(sv) Swedish-speaking

  • [SE] Sweden...
Josve05a (en, sv; Jonatan Svensson Glad – gay, 26 yrs)

(bg) Bulgarian-speaking

  • [BG] Bulgaria
Jockey (gay bodybuilder from Bulgaria)

(uk) Ukrainian-speaking

  • [UA] Ukraine

(ru) Russian-speaking

  • [RU] Russia, …
YLSS (en), (ru) (и какого хрена больше никто не отписался?)
Gerarus (en), (ru) Hey / Эгегей!
Я счастлив что я гей (-: --Keete 37 (Farid Aliev) (talk) 16:36, 24 September 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Xena the Rebel Girl – queer woman, polysexual, feminist.

(tr) Turkish-speaking

  • [TR] Turkey, …
Nebeviye (im definitely bisexual, 22, Ankara)
Lubunya Twink Turkish gay :)
Şeb Vikipedi için buradayız, çalıyoruz :)

[IL] Israel

  • (he)
  • (he) (en)
Yuval Y
  • (ar)

[IN] India, [BD] Bangladesh

  • (en)
Sourendra Kumar Das – LGBTI Activist, Journalist, Fashion Blogger, Photographer.
  • (hi)
Saurmandal (aroace bro working on Hindi localisation)
  • (mr)
QueerEcofeminist (schizophrenic!)...

[TH] Thailand

  • (th) Thai...

[ID] Indonesia

  • (id) Bahasa Indonesia...

[PH] Philippines

  • (eng-ph) Ingles
Ahri.boy (talk)
Malipáyonbaklâ (he/she/they)
Malipáyon (él/ella/elle)
  • (fil)/(tgl) Wikang Filipino/Tagalog
  • (ceb) Sinugbuano'ng Binisayâ
  • (ilo) Ilokano
  • (hil) Hiligaynon/Inilonggo
  • (bcl) Bikol Sentral
  • (war) Winaray/Waray-waray
  • (pam) Kapampangan
  • (pag) Pangasinan
  • (cbk) Chabacano [Cavite, Ternate, Zamboanga]
  • (mdh) Magindanawn
  • (mrw) Mëranaw
  • (tsg) Tausūg

(ja) Japanese-speaking

  • [JP] Japan

(ko) Korean-speaking

  • [KR] South Korea...

(zh) Chinese-speaking

  • [CN] China + [MO] Macau SAR + [HK] Hong Kong SAR, [TW] Taiwan, [SG] Singapore...
Shujenchang (gay)
Kittycatttmattt (aroace)

(sh) Bosnian-Montenegrin-Serbian-Croatian-language-spectrum-speaking


[BA] Bosnia&Herzegovina, [HR] Croatia, [SR] Serbia, [ME] Montenegro


(eu) Basque-speaking

Eliatxo (panromantic demisexual)

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