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Wiki Loves Women/Advisory Committee

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In 2019 it was decided that it was in the best interests for the future sustainability, relevance and scaling prospects of the Wiki Loves Women programme, going forward, that an Advisory Committee would be formed during 2020.

It was anticipated that the Committee would be made up of previous Wiki Loves Women leads in the 6 focused countries, as well as gender-aligned leaders from groups within the Wikimedia movement. In the near future, the committee would like to incorporate members of external gender-equality organisations that will help to advise and guide the programme into the future.

During 2020, 12 prospective committee members from within the Wikimedia movement were approached. 8 have agreed to be part of the Committee. It is expected that this Advisory Committee will expand over 2021.

The Wiki Loves Women Advisory Committee
Sherry ANTOINE, AFROCrowd: Sherry holds an MPA in international management and has organized and spoken for AfroCROWD at the United Nations, numerous colleges, GLAM and other institutions. She works with scores of groups within the Wikimedia community and represents AfroCROWD to the Wikimedians of the Caribbean User Group where she is the lead organizer. Finally, Sherry is a director on the board of the Internet Society of New York, whose mission is to assure the beneficial, and open evolution of the global Internet.

In her roles within the Wikimedia community, Sherry has spoken both locally and internationally on the benefits and importance of knowledge access and inclusive participation in Wikimedia culture. With Wikimedians of the Caribbean, Sherry has lead training efforts in the Caribbean, and spoken about the importance of the Caribbean community on Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia and Wikidata at conferences in Stockholm and in Cambridge at MIT.

Sherry holds a master’s degree in public administration from the American University School of Public Affairs, has researched and written about international digital trends and spent years dedicated to public outreach. She is a Caribbean national, born on the leeward island of Dominica and a classically trained violinist.

Gala Mayí-Miranda, Noircir Wikipédia: Gala Mayí-Miranda is the co-founder of the wikipedian French and Spanish projects Noircir Wikipédia and Ennegreciendo Wikipedia. Gala is an Art Historian specialized in the Caribbean contemporary visual arts.
Georges FODOUOP: Georges Fodouop is an informatician, systems and network administrator for Institut Français du Cameroun – Douala. Is a wikipedian since 2013. Georges is very actively involved in various projects related to Wikipedia in Africa such as Afripedia, Wiki Loves Africa, and training to discover and contribute to Wikipedia.
Iddy JOHN, Wikimedia Usergroup, Tanzania :
Erina MUKUTA, Wikimedia Usergroup Uganda: Erina Mukuta is a Wikimedian in the Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda. She is passionate about knowledge sharing through content generation and continues to pursue improved diversity of content and content creators. This has ked her to be part of several projects geared to increasing content and diversity since 2014. Some of these projects include Kumusha Take wiki, Promoting Open Education Resources in Uganda Schools, Wiki loves africa, wiki loves monuments, wiki loves women, wikigap and Increasing content on the luganda Wikipedia.
Mervat Salam, Jordan:
Rupika SHARMA, India, Wiki Loves Women India: Rupika has been a practicing (volunteer) Wikipedian for many years. She has a strong background in communications and grantmaking and an abiding interest in literature, education, open source, open access, linked data, library science, free knowledge and digital gender divide. She is a founding member of Wiki Loves Women India and is currently a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Team.
Dominique Eliane YAO: Public Relations Specialist and Communication Officer. Vice-President of Wikimedia Ivory Coast and project lead of Wikimousso and Regional Ambassador Art + Feminism for Francophone Africa.