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About the course[edit]

Goal: Provides Gender Gap initiatives Leadership Training

Wiki Loves Women’s MOOC and Coaching courses are aimed at providing training towards access for women and gender-sensitised men. The main goal of the project is skills transfer and also to raise awareness of and action to counter the lack of representation of women generally, and more specifically on online platforms such as Wikipedia. There are many important and contentious issues within the Gender space, however this programme is not aimed at unpacking those. Rather it is aimed at transferring vital skills towards women and men – digital, technical, researching, writing and leadership – that allow them to access information in order to make up their own minds within their cultural specificity. Should you wish to read more into the various kinds of gender activism, you can access those resources here.

Who is this course for?[edit]

The course is aimed at anyone, project leaders or leader-to-be, who wishes to launch or expand an initiative addressing the gender gap on Wikimedia projects (such as hosting edit-a-thon to write about women, training sessions for women, participate to wikigap next year... etc.)

Prerequisite: Must be registered as a wikimedian. Must have some experience in the Wikimedia projects

It is open to all genders

Practical information[edit]

Where ?

It will be hosted by Wikimedia France, on an Open edX Platform instance at

Format ?
  • either self-paced
  • or facilitated training (with webinars, office hours etc.)
Language ?

We want to do it at least in English (at least text material and quizzes released in English). Translation depending.

Release date ?

It is expected to be published end of 2021

Design principles
  • the training content will be primarily text-based (with illustrations/video included, and more material available on external websites (url))
  • the text-based approach is meant to accommodate 1)those with limited connectivity, 2)to facilitate updating, and 3)to facilitate translating
  • the creation of the module will be done along with agile development principles, in particular with iterative, incremental, and evolutionary additions
  • the modules are not expected to go into great details, but to provide an overview of the context, and best practices or suggestions needed for those starting new or joining already existing initiatives.

How you can help[edit]

  • If you are a contributor involved in Gender Gap initiatives and want to join the adventure, please drop your name below...
  • If you are an organization and want to contribute with either a financial or a skill-based sponsorship, please contact us.
Participants to create it


The organizer of this course will be Wiki in Africa as part of its Wiki Loves Women initiative. The course is set-up and run in partnership with....

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