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Wiki Loves X is general format for naming various sorts of Wikimedia community outreach campaigns. In general, the campaigns share a few clear characteristics:

  • Campaign: a clearly marked period of activity, with a start and an end.
  • Outreach: the campaign aims to engage a general audience (not a specialized community) to contribute to Wikimedia projects.
  • Scope: there is a topical theme to the campaign, which is clearly defined.
  • Specific: it is clear what specific data/media/knowledge the participants are asked to contribute.

In such campaigns, anyone who wishes to organize Wikimedia community events may call their campaign "Wiki Loves X", where X is an appropriate description of what knowledge participants are asked to contribute.


The first "Wiki Loves X" event was Wiki Loves Art in 2009, followed in 2010 by Wiki Loves Monuments, an international photo scavenger hunt to ask people worldwide to photograph heritage sites. From an organizational perspective, these campaigns set the precedent of using the word "Wiki" to describe Wikimedia community projects and also established the general model "Wiki Loves X" for community organized events. By using the term "Wiki" and designing their own logo, they branded the campaign and avoided any need to secure trademark permission for their outreach.

Trademarks and branding[edit]

"Wiki" is a general term for the wiki style of web application, and there are no trademark restrictions. "X" is a common symbol for any variable, and can mean anything a person wishes for it to mean or be replaced with anything. However, when you create a new project, please consider if it would be the most appropriate name, given the precedents.

For anyone who wishes to use the trademarks owned by the en:Wikimedia Foundation, including logos and words such as "Wikipedia" or "Wikimedia", please refer to wmf:Trademark policy. Using such trademarks is often not part of a "Wiki Loves X" campaign.

"Wiki Loves X" campaigns historically have been grassroots community projects with no deep planning or formal affiliation with the Wikimedia Foundation or any Wikimedia chapter.

Starting a Wiki Loves X campaign[edit]

Anyone can start a Wiki Loves X campaign at any time. One model for setting up a campaign is to follow guidelines for setting up WikiProjects, such as those at en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Council.

There is no standard system or guidelines for managing or promoting Wiki Loves X events. For tutorials and some records of what has worked in the past, the "Learning Patterns" project at Grants:Learning patterns documents some outreach styles. Common strategies for promoting any kind of outreach project on English Wikipedia include making a request at en:Wikipedia:Mass message senders or the en:Wikipedia:Geonotice notice to get a message to a new audience. To add the campaign to the mobile apps, see their Github repository.