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Wiki Project Med/Board/Meetings/2012-12-26

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The initial board meeting was held on Dec 26, 2012 (7pm New York) via Skype


  • Introductions
  • Incorporation
  • Positions on the board
  • Banking (HSBC)
  • Membership fees
  • Bylaws
  • Aff comm



  • Introductions
  • There are no official bylaws presently.
  • A quorum might be raised from 1/3 of board members to 1/2 so that it is more representative.
  • The possibility of getting WMF approval and a clear indication of what needs to be done to get a "Wikimedia" label was discussed. The Affiliations Committee is the conduit. Wiki Med might change names eventually.
  • The German Chapter[1][2] has raised concerns about Wiki Med being English-centric, concerns as to where funding may come from, and concerns over content control. That Wiki Med has no control over Wikimedia content was emphasized.
  • Email and electronic signatures are official for voting purposes.
  • Jake might serve as an Outreach Coordinator
  • Lane declined having a seat on the board due to being a Wikipedian in Residence[3]
  • James will contact wmf:User:JayWalsh about the possibility of having a standardized way to interact with the press
  • Wiki Med aims to engage organizations/individuals who could donate medical media (such as pictures) to Commons
  • Alternate structures for the Membership Fee were discussed, with a priority on making sure no one from a developing country be excluded for economic reasons. An exemption form was proposed.
  • A free and NY-based bank appears ideal.
  • Voting on board members was encouraged electronically.
  • There will be a second meeting shortly to engage more provisional board members.
  • Our COI policy could be a subject of further discussion.
  • The importance of disclosing anything that might be a perceived conflict of interest to the board was emphasized.