Wikidata/Berlin summit 2012/repo editing demo

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Daniel Werner

No slides, but live presentation.

  • demo of editing in frontend
  • English data view for one item (Berlin) in the wikibase repo extension
  • label, description, aliases (alternative labels) can be edited
  • old site links replaced by list of pages linked to this item (demo of how to add sth.)

demo of RTL language

  • solution needed of the following bug: in the list of pages linked to this item in RTL languages the brackets for non-RTL languages are displayed in a wrong way: (Cesky (cs
  • note: Siebrand use DIR="auto"
  • creating an item
  • one item can only be linked to one (existing!) article
  • Q: Relationship between lables and links? How to create a link to a non-existing article?
  • Q: Suggestions for labels?
  • A: no Suggestions
  • Q: How represent the URL an item?g
  • A. There are several ways, we are still discussing.
  • comment: where to put editing possibility?
  • Q: Can you use red links? (in wikidata - no there are no red links in WD)
  • A. Problem: This could lead to several identical red links, but missing disambiguation.

Links to non-existing article (where? in WD or WP?) should be supported.

  • Q: how you identify "Q2" describtion in an certain language?
  • A: language is shown in the tooltip
  • Q: where to display the language?
  • A: comment: specify the language when you create an item
  • Q: change in the language without settings/control ? How do you handle multi-language users?
  • A: choose of range of language will be set in the languages
    • without reloading the page
    • fallback languages to choose
  • would be nice to be able to enter a text in some other language without switching the UI to that language.
  • Idea: I create an item (a city) and want to enter the name also in the local language. How to show the exact city pin it
  • comment: "Perspective from linking" vs "discovery mechanism" - use label information
  • A: the data can be entered in any language

Idea: WP page non-existent, WD entry in this language with same ID (?) -> could be displayed in WP page.

comment: in case of multiple labels in Wikidata: redirection AND disambiguation will be needed

Idea summary (Dario, Gerard, Gregor, Daniel, Daniel):

  • when visiting a non-existing page on a wikipedia...
  • ...look up all items with the page's title as their label/alias in wikidata (in the given language. with fallback?)
  • ...present automatic disambiguation (list of labels and descriptions) and maybe item details for each item with that label/alias.
  • if an item also has a wiki-link for that language, link the disambiguation entry
    • in case there's only one, automatically redirect?