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Wikimania city finalists: Dublin - Frankfurt - Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands[edit]

Believe that you have it, and you have it!


For general information about the city see: (also in English)

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Generally more than 30 % cheaper than Amsterdam
  • Only 45 minutes by train from Amsterdam International Airport (around the clock)
  • Active Wikipedia community in Belgium and the Netherlands can help to organize things
  • Relatively central in Europe
  • Most Dutch people have an excellent command of English (they're not native speakers, but since theatrical movies in the Netherlands are frequently shown in English with Dutch subtitles/captions, the Dutch speak markedly better English than citizens of many other non-English speaking EU countries). Also many people speak German and French.
  • Largest and busiest port in the world, EXTREMELY good Land, Sea, Rail, Air connections to rest of planet.
  • Many modern buildings, feeling of a lively new city (the centre of Rotterdam was destroyed in WW2).
  • Various nice musea (Boymans van Beuningen for paintings, a modern museum for shipbuilding), several cinemas (all movies are shown in original languages), nice and modern shopping areas.
  • In the Netherlands, you can get an amazingly good pudding called en:Vla (nl:Vla. ;-) Jimbo Wales 23:03, 28 Oct 2004 (UTC)


  • Less touristy than Amsterdam. Done that, have you seen the dikes, the windmills, the biggest harbour in the world.. Room enough for plenty new articles :)
  • Very little of a historical feel, but that is nevertheless close at hand in Delft and Delfshaven.
  • Can be somewhat windy or rainy, take an umbrella or raincoat with you

Possible accomodations[edit]

Locus 010 - the most priceworthy alternative[edit]

Locus 010 developed from a squatters' studio complex into a subsidized organization. It is situated at the Hoogstraat, which is actually the original dam in the river Rotte that shaped Rotterdam. It is in the middle of the old city (which is no more), close to everything. Locus 010 (010 being the area-code for Rotterdam) housed many non-profit meetings and art-projects, and has a team of enthousiastic young people that can help with organizing and finding subsidies. The rooms are on several floors of a very glassy building, which can be used around the clock at a low rental cost.

Offer as received from Locus 010[edit]

  • Building up the facilities for the Wikimania will start on Tuesday, meaning that the place needs to be rented for one week.
  • There are 2 halls, 400 m2 each, on the 3rd and 4th floor of the building (there is a small elevator), which will be available around the clock!
  • Rental costs of these 2 together are € 2500 for a whole week.
  • It is advised to hire security people, especially when opened in the nighttime (someone has to watch the entrance!), unless this can be resolved in the Wiki-community itself.
  • Costs for certified security personel is around € 30 per person per hour. It remains to be seen, how many will be needed at what time.
  • Lunch can be offered at € 5 per person by the catering of Locus 010.
  • Dinner can be offered at € 15 per person by the catering of Locus 010.
  • Having lunch and dinner in the building improves the process of community-building, according to Locus 010.
  • The Locus 010 bar will be open the whole week, Locus 010 will get the profits of this.
  • All extra furniture (Locaus has chairs and tables for around 100 persons) will need to be rented elsewhere. Locus 010 can help to find a priceworthy solution.

Locus 010 would be cery glad to house the Wikimania, and offers to help finding additional subsidies. They are very experienced in this!

(Full text in Dutch:)

Beste Oscar,

Opbouw dinsdag t/m donderdag 
Congres vrijdag t/m zondag
Afbouw maandag-dinsdag 
Huur van 3e en 4e verdieping van Locus010 voor ruim een week bedraagt 2500 Euro.

De security kosten komen er extra bij. 
Gediplomeerd personeel kost zo'n 30 Euro per uur. 
Waneer we met gewone toezichthouders werken komt dat op 15 Euro per uur. 
Misschien kan je organisatie zelf ook de nodige mensen inzetten.

Een lunch, bestaande uit broodjes met beleg, jus d'orange, melk etc. 
kunnen we aanbieden voor 5 Euro. 
Het avondeten voor 15 Euro per couvert.

De bar is de gehele week open. De opbrengst is voor Locus010.

Alle extra benodigdheden zoals tafels en computers moeten 
elders worden besteld en komen voor rekening van het evenement.

Hopelijk krijgen we deze week te horen dat de structurele subsidie is toegekend. 
Dan zetten we als eerste een site op en maken een presentatiemap. 
Op dit moment is er alleen versnipperd materiaal.
Dus nog enige tijd geduld wat dat betreft. 

Hopelijk lukt het je het evenement naar Rotterdam te halen. 
Het lijkt ons een erg leuk project. 
Zodra je meer weet moeten we nog een keer bij elkaar komen 
om de mogelijkheden van subsidiëring door te nemen. 
Misschien kunnen we hiervoor samen wat bezoeken afleggen.

Veel succes.

Namens Locus010

Ron Biondina

External link[edit]

Although Locus does not have a website available yet, it appears on the following link:

Ahoy' Rotterdam[edit]

Offer as received from Ahoy[edit]

Ahoy’ Rotterdam
Unlimited in business & entertainment
I. Rent of the rooms:
1. Conference Room	Per day	Theatre style (persons)		Foyer (m2)
Conference Room	€	2.678,00	500				500 
The conference room is provided with a central control room. 
Any additional technical or audio-visual equipment can be easily deployed. 
It is a unique venue to install your computers.
2. Meetingrooms	Per day		Theatre style (persons      Foyer (m2)* 
Paris	€	227,00	40				85
London	€	227,00	40				85
Brussels	€	341,00	80				140
Madrid	€	341,00	80				140
Rome	€	341,00	80				140
Berlin	€	341,00	80				140
To create larger meeting space for break out sessions it is possible to combine rooms:
•	Brussels and Madrid
•	Rome and Berlin
•	Paris and London
* The foyers in front of the meeting rooms can be used 
for exhibition purposes as well; 
depending on the size of the exhibition we charge you between € 600 and € 800 per day. 
3. Lounges		Per day	Theatre style (persons)	
Lounge 1	€	568,00	125	
Lounge 2	€	795,00	200

III Catering 
Day arrangement per conference attendee € 65,00   
•	Welcome with coffee, tea, cake, water 
•	During meeting coffee, tea, water available
•	Seated lunch
•	Afternoon coffee,tea, water
•	Please note that this is a price indication 
•	All prices are exclusive of VAT
•	This price indication is based on the information received until today

Original text in Dutch of the Email:

Dag Oscar,
Bijgesloten vind je een grove indicatie mbt de prijzen. 
Ik hoop dat je dat begrijpt dat ik geen gedetailleerde offerte 
voor je kan maken op deze termijn.
Als Rotterdam wordt gekozen als locatie moet je zeker contact met me opnemen, 
want qua huurprijs kan ik mogelijk wel iets voor je een interessante prijsafspraak maken.
Hetty Thijssen
We hebben deze zomer een grote hoeveelheid computers in een van onze hallen gehad; 
voorbeeld van vele mogelijkheden bij Ahoy' Rotterdam! 
Daarom deze foto d'r even toegevoegd.
Theatre style: is een opstelling zoals deze in het theater is, 
d'r zijn uiteraard diverse opstellingen mogelijk, 
maar deze opstelling kan het meeste congresgasten herbergen. 
Hoop je hiermee geholpen te hebben en ik hoor graag van je!

External link[edit]

See also:

De Doelen - the most prestigious location[edit]

Concert en Congresgebouw De Doelen is situated in the centre of Rotterdam, at 150m from the central station. It is the most prestigious and expensive location for a congress. There are auditoria, several concert halls, and several congress rooms, varying in size and atmosphere.

Offer as received from De Doelen[edit]

  • Wikipedia congress
Wikipedia is an international internet encyclopaedia. In the summer of 2005 Wikipedia intends to organize an four-day international congress. The number of delegates during this four-day congress with plenary and parallel sessions is 200.
  • Accessibility Rotterdam
Rotterdam Airport is a comfortable and easy regional airport with various direct connections. It is situated approx. 3 miles from the city centre (15 minutes by taxi) and provides a daily service to a number of European cities.
Furthermore Rotterdam is very well accessible by road and train from by example Brussels, Paris and London. Amsterdam International Airport (Schiphol) is 45 minutes by train from Rotterdam Central Railway Station.
  • Location and Westin Hotel
De Doelen is situated in the heart of down town Rotterdam, opposite to Rotterdam Central Railway Station and is directly connected with the five stars Westin Rotterdam Hotel by means of a covered skywalk. In the direct surroundings you can find other hotels in various classes.
  • Dates
The dates of this congress are to be decided upon, but will be in the summer of 2005.
  • Congress Facilities
Main Auditorium and lobby
De Doelen offers you as main auditorium the Willem Burger Zaal, a state of the art congress hall with a fixed theatre style for 700 participants. This auditorium has the most modern facilities in the way of sound reproduction, image projection, simultaneous interpreting and multimedia applications. The lobby area around the Willem Burger Zaal is integrally linked with the auditorium.
  • Break-out rooms
Furthermore De Doelen offers you 3 break out rooms in the congress wing with capacity from two times 66 and one time 87 persons in theatre style. These rooms are integrally linked with the main lobby area and centrally located in the congress centre. If necessary, 6 more break-out rooms in the congress wing are available. All rooms are equipped with projectors and projection screens, computer floors and data-connections.
  • Internet cafe
Right after the entrance of the congress hall there is a hall of 680 m² gross with computer floors and data-connections. This hall is very well suited for the internet cafe.
  • Food & Beverage
The coffee, tea and luncheons will be supplied and served from buffets in the lobby by De Doelen. In the estimate you will find the prices of various arrangements. The food and beverage during these days can also be paid by the visitors individually. For this service the organisation has to pay a guarantee sum.
  • Technical facilities
Our technical staff has years of experience in facilitating events concerning electricity, audio-visual equipment and telecommunication connections. Our technical staff is exclusively responsible for delivering, installing and operating the necessary technical equipment.


(If not stated elsewhere costs are indicated exclusive of 19 % VAT according to the price level of 2004)

Hall rent, prices per day
Thursday - Saturday (8:30-17.30)
Willem Burger Zaal inclusive of lobby, Expohal and three break-out
rooms: Hudig Zaal, Schadee Zaal and Van Beuningen Zaal € 2.632,00


Van der Vorm Zaal € 168,00
Plate Zaal € 168,00
Van Rijckevorsel Zaal € 168,00
Ruys Zaal € 168,00
Fortis Bank Zaal € 694,00
Mees Zaal € 168,00

Sunday (8:30-17:30)

Willem Burger Zaal inclusive of lobby, Expohal and three break-out rooms: Hudig Zaal, Schadee Zaal and Van Beuningen Zaal € 3.341,00


Van der Vorm Zaal € 214,00
Plate Zaal € 214,00
Van Rijckevorsel Zaal € 214,00
Ruys Zaal € 214,00
Fortis Bank Zaal € 877,00
Mees Zaal € 214,00

Total hall rent during four days € 17.786,00

  • Visitors service
Guarded wardrobe, security services, standard cleaning, electricity for heating and air conditioning.
Minimum number of delegates to be charged is 300.
Price per day: € 4,10 per person x 300 € 1.230,00

Total visitors service during four days € 4.920,00

Technical equipment prices per day

  • Sound
Sound system congresses Willem Burger Zaal € 352,00
Sound system per break out room € 173,00
Microphone € 20,00
Cordless microphone € 110,00
Necktie microphone € 110,00
  • Vision
Projection Screen Willem Burger Zaal € 245,00
Projection screen per break-out room € 57,00
Projector Willem Burger Zaal € 1.350,00
Projector per break-out room € 160,00
Data monitor € 66,00
  • Communication
Telephone line/fax line, per connection per period € 182,50
ADSL, per connection per period € 175,00
Laptop computer € 140,00
Internet café p.m.
  • Light
Light stage Willem Burger Zaal € 199,00
All existing light in de break out rooms is included
Light truss Expo hall € 153,00
Extra light (to be decided) p.m.

For the above mentioned prices of audio visual and communication equipment, except laptos, there’s a 50% discount for the following days if in use in the same room and setting.

All prices are exclusive of technical assistance for light, sound, vision and communication.

  • Technical personnel

Per hour

08.00h - 18.00h weekdays € 40,75
18.00h - 08.00h and on Saturdays € 47,75
Sundays € 56,00
  • Exhibition charge
Per day per square meter, inclusive of floor cleaning after set up, central power supply with a maximum of 100 watt per m² € 8,00
Cleaning of booths per m² per day (minimum of 12 m²) € 1,00
Table tops, consisting of 1 table, 2 chairs and one 220V power supply € 15,00

  • Furnishings
Cocktail tables, per piece, per period € 20,00
Sideboard, per piece, per period € 40,00
Speaker desks, per piece, per period € 25,00
  • Food & Beverage (Incl. of VAT and personnel)
Coffee and tea arrangement
Coffee, tea, mineral water, and biscuits during:
two service moments per day per person € 5,90
three service moments per day per person € 7,35
  • Luncheon
Various rolls with cheese, sliced cold meet, egg, raisin rolls, milk, coffee, tea, fruit, per person € 10,75
  • Cocktail
Beer, soft drinks, red and white house wine, mineral water, and fruit

juice served from buffets per person per hour (101-200 persons) € 7,35

Various kinds of snacks and canapé’s available p.m.

In case of guarantee sum, to be decided upon p.m.

The general conditions of lease of Concert- and congress centre de Doelen shall apply. These will be forwarded on request.

The prices in this estimate are based on the price level 2004. All prices are subject to changes at the beginning of every calendar year.

External link[edit]

See also:


Congress centre as well as restaurant, Engels is famous for over a century. Next to the Rotterdam Central station, in the centre of Rotterdam, it has 25 rooms, differing in capacity from 5 - 1200 persons, among which is an auditorium. A large room of 600 m2 is at the 8th floor, connecting to the roof-terrace. Catering is relatively easy to arrange, and will make a difference in negotiating for an all-in price. The rent of this room is €2500 for a day (24 hours), for morning and afternoon this is €1500.

There are other possible rooms at the 1st floor. One of 250 m2 (100 persons), rent €960 per day (24 hours), and 9 of 55 m2, rent €345 per day (24 hours).

All of these costs are excluding 19% VAT.

(all prices are indications, and further negociable)

External link[edit]

See also:

Erasmus University Expo and Congress Centre[edit]

Though a little bit outside the centre of town, the Erasmus University is still reasonably close; a 20 minutes walk, or of course a tram could take you to the inner city. There is a variety of rooms, differing in size from 24 to 900 persons.

The circle-shaped Forumzaal ("Forum-room") offers seats for 222 persons, out of which 7 would sit in front of the others. One is seated at a broad curved table, which would just allow for a laptop to be placed in front of everyone. The rent of this room is €1576 per day, including a foyer. There are also smaller rooms available: 4 rooms (max. 40 persons) at €240 per day (all 4 next to eachanother), and 2 rooms (max. 24 persons) at €160 per day.

A day at the Erasmus University is from 08:00 am till 10:30 pm. In the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays) or at night it is also possible to rent rooms, but extra security will be needed at €100 per hour. Also rental costs in the weekend are 25% higher. Saturday after 17:00 pm and Sundays, extra security people will be needed.

(all prices are indications, and further negociable)

External link[edit]

See also:

External link[edit]

See also:

Hilton Rotterdam[edit]

Very central in Rotterdam, very close to the Central Station, the Hilton Rotterdam has good facilities for computers, annually housing Gaming-Conventions (Clan Base Heaven and Game Dram Heaven). This setting offers room for 160 people maximum, and costs €830 (including VAT) per day. A day is 24 hours in the Hilton. In case, people will also stay in the Hilton, an all-in price can certainly be negociated.

The largest room, le jardin, costs €1400 (incl. VAT), and could easily house the Wikimania. Other smaller rooms cost: €630 (35 - 40 persons), €500 (15 - 20 persons; there are 2 of these) and €300 (6 persons).

All meeting rooms have connections for internet, e-mail, laptop and ISDN lines. The rooms are air-conditioned, have artificial daylight, very comfortable leather chairs and are absolutely quiet (which means, if you make a lot of noise outside, it will not be heard inside, and of course: vice versa).

External link[edit]

See also:

World Trade Center[edit]

The WTC is one of the most remarkable buildings in the very centre of Rotterdam, built directly above the subway station "Beurs". The congress part has a variety of rooms, differing in capacity from 5 - 1500 persons. Rooms vary not only in size, but also in atmosphere; every room has its own identity.

  • The Rotterdam room, with its 1000 m2 could easily house the Wikimania 2005, and costs €2850 for a whole day (24 hours). Next to it, there is a room that could be used for catering, it costs €975 per day.

(all prices are indications, and further negociable)

External link[edit]

See also:


Calypso is a former cinema with several large rooms which can be rented at low cost. Sort of an undergroud location in the centre of Rotterdam, 300 meters from the central station.

(currently being negotiated)

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See also:

Off Corso[edit]

In the centre of "new" Rotterdam, Off Corso is 300 meters from the central station. Off Corso is a former cinema, where "underground" art-manifestations are regularly organized. It is one of the better low budget solutions.

(currently being negociated)

External link[edit]

See also:

Hal 4[edit]

Hal 4 lies next to the river Maas and is situated on a restored former Water-company terrain. Slightly out of the city-centre, very close to the Erasmus University. It has one multifunctional room (max. 550 persons) and a foyer (max. 200 persons), that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as presentations, congresses, parties, dinners, concerts, theater and even as a movie-studio.

Costs of rent depend on whether it is a commercial event or no.

(currently being negotiated)


(not available at the moment)

Local Helpers[edit]

  1. As the Netherlands is relatively small, I think many of the nl: crowd may help. Ellywa 22:22, 8 Oct 2004 (UTC) I will anyway
  2. oscar 00:51, 17 Oct 2004 (UTC)
  3. Count me in also - Jeroenvrp
  4. GerardM 17:16, 21 Oct 2004 (UTC)
  5. Fruggo
  6. Dick Bos 18:32, 23 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Active Wikipedians[edit]

There are at the moment at least 62 active Wikipedians in the nl.wikipedia (62 with at least 100 edits last week), they come mainly from Belgium and Holland, although some reside elsewhere on the globe. Also there are some Wikipedians who live in Belgium and Holland, but do not work on nl.wikipedia (but on en. for example).

Some of the Dutch and Flemish will have experience in organising a conference (although on a somewhat smaller scale); in November 2004 there will be a symposium for the dutch-speaking wikipedians, also in Rotterdam, where around 30 wikipedians will be present (see also nl:Wikipedia:Symposium/Najaar 2004).

Possible fund-raising[edit]

The Prins Bernhard Fonds[edit]

(will be contacted by oscar)

The city of Rotterdam[edit]

A grand reception of at least Jimbo and the board by the mayor at City-Hall can probably be arranged!



In July and August, prices are substantially lower, discounts can be arranged much easier, especially for large groups.

See also:

Other lodging[edit]

Youth Hostels[edit]

Rotterdam has at least four youth-hostels:


There are also some campings in the vicinity.


There are many gyms all over Rotterdam, which will be more easily available in July and August.