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This Wikimania page is inactive and kept for historical interest. If you want to get the latest news on the coming Wikimania, or join the discussion of its planning, you may visit the conference's official website.

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This page is insanely out of date. This page on the Wikimania wiki is slightly less insane.

This is the page for the organisation team. We currently need more help with:

  • Scheduling flights and hotel stays, getting airline package deals;
  • Coordinating unofficial meetings and gatherings on a wiki-calendar along with the "prime-time" calendar of invited speakers and centrally-planned events.
  • Organizing paper and talk submissions as official proceedings (electronic)

If you can help with any of these, please add your name after the item in question.

Preparations for wikimania will be done over the planning mailinglist, please subcribe there.

General organisation[edit]

Special tasks[edit]

  • Conference programme: Angela, Erik (when I have time), Sj, Jakob, PatrickD, Wisewoman
  • Sponsorships: Jimbo
  • Budget: notafish, Elian, Jimbo
  • Network & Technics: Austin, Rince, Jörg Hoh
  • Internet connection: Akl & JeLuF
  • Mediawiki Devcon: Midom
  • Translation work: Aphaia
  • registration system: Austin
  • Sound: oscar & Apple
  • press: otrs (akl, elian & others)

Not active at the moment:

Organization team[edit]

Enroll yourself below if you would like to help with the organisation of the event. Please specify what kind of things you'd like to contribute.

  1. elian
  2. Angela
  3. ant
  4. Austin
  5. Jimbo (I'm very excited about it)
  6. Grunt (planning in general)
  7. Waerth 07:23, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC) (very active if Thailand is choosen, not so active but still trying to help if other location is choosen)
  8. oscar 21:06, 27 Sep 2004 (UTC) (i am very excited about this too! i am at present organizing the rotterdam symposium, and are able and willing to help organizing things, as far as can for the moment be done from where i live (holland).
  9. Fantasy  :-)
  10. Brion VIBBER (I've been roped into this somehow for general planning etc. :)
  11. GerardM We will be doing a dry run in Rotterdam, so we will have some experience in the Netherlands :)
  12. BCorr|Брайен (I can help with planning logistics and agendas.)
  13. FrankBusch Agenda, logistics, organizing accomodation, I might also be able to help organizing airline (Star Alliance) concessions
  14. Arne (akl)
  15. Mathias Schindler
  16. Aphaia specially on communication
  17. notafish }<';> Planning, budget, logistics and such.
  18. +sj+
  19. Clossius local stuff, involvement of government and academia (if desired)
  20. osc grounding wikimania in the city, contacts, social events, art & design
  21. MichaelDiederich In the moment, it looks like i have free time a week bevor, while the event and some days after it, i live about 200km close and could help the whole time with anything.
  22. Martin Mai recording of presentations