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Wikimania 2015/ml

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This Wikimania page is inactive and kept for historical interest. If you want to get the latest news on the coming Wikimania, or join the discussion of its planning, you may visit the conference's official website.

Wikimania 2015 was the 11th Wikimania conference, an annual event for the international Wikimedia community, and was held in Mexico City, July 15–19, 2015.[1]

Final Attendance was 800.

The following are some statistics on registration:

82 of the above were volunteers

143 were press (not included above in final figure above)

137 Scholarship & Speaker/Organizers s (includes WMF-funded scholarship recipients, IEG, PEG, 2015 bid team, invited speakers and 2014 organizers)

174 WMF staff, board and committee registrations

60 different countries represented

By region: 53% Global South/ 47% Global North

Gender Balance by registration:

69% Male/ 30% Female

Budget Summary
Budget Item നോട്ടുകൾ ചെലവ്(ഡോളർ)
വരുമാനം-സംഭാവനകൾ $80,000
വരുമാനം-രജിസ്ട്രേഷൻ $25,000
മൊത്തം വരുമാനം $105,000
Expense - WMF Scholarship Travel/Accommodation Travel & Accomodations for WMF Scholarship recipients and other Grantees $275,000
Expense - Wikimania direct Conference expenses such as venue, catering, audiovisual needs, public relations expenditures, etc. $489,000
Expense - Staff management Project management from WMF, project manager for host team, and conference registration support $130,000
മൊത്തം ചെലവുകൾ $894,000
ആകെ ചിലവ് $789,000
Related Expenses
Expense - WMF Travel/Accommodation Travel & Accomodation for Staff, Board, Committees $383,000

Please visit the official conference website, wikimania2015.wikimedia.org, for more information. Also, please check out our Facebook event page and official Twitter account.

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