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Knowledge Equity

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Liang-chih ShangKuan

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Taiwan - Taipei

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Wikimedia Taiwan

Movement Strategy

Main theme
Free Knowledge for the World
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Teachers, students, learners and everyone.
Length of session
30 minutes
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Over the past 18 years, Wikimedians have worked together to build the largest free knowledge resource in human history. During this time, we've grown from a small group of editors to a diverse community of editors, developers, affiliates, readers, donors, and partners. Today, we are more than a group of websites. We have become a movement rooted in values and a powerful vision.

With our movement strategy “Wikimedia 2030”, all of us now have an opportunity to decide where we go from here. How will the Wikimedia movement's structures need to evolve and change for us all to successfully move in our strategic direction and become the essential support system for the whole free knowledge movement? How can we – the Wikimedia communities, organized groups and allies – best work on our priorities of knowledge equity and knowledge as a service?

While movement organizations include the strategic direction in their own strategic and programmatic planning, 9 Working Groups are set out to develop recommendations for change on a structural level. They will tackle questions around support and collaboration structures, global decision making, distribution of funds across the movement and becoming a healthy movement that welcomes everyone who joins our vision to participate.

In March, the working groups have published these essential questions they are searching answers to from a across and beyond the free knowledge movement. This session will provide interested participants with an update on movement strategy, present ways to contribute and engage and gather participants’ ideas about Wikimedia’s future.

In this session, we will demonstrate the current status of Wikimedia Movement by sharing a case from Taiwan with Aboriginal Study Center (ALCD), and invite you all to join the coming discussion on we can make Knowledge Equity as a future to 2030.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education
  • This session will provide an opportunity for everyone to get an update on movement strategy and the working groups.
  • It will present ways to contribute and engage in community conversations on our path towards our future, including gathering participants' input during the session.
  • The global education community will better understand how some of their current and future activities might relate to becoming the support structure for the whole free knowledge movement.
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Anyone who would like to know more about the above abstract

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