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Working Groups[edit]

Jason Krüger, Wikimedia Conference 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

During Phase 2 of the Strategy Process, individuals and organizations in the Wikimedia ecosystem will be consulted in different ways: Workshops at the Wikimedia Conference 2018 and Wikimania 2018, consultations on wiki, as well as direct participation in and contribution to a number of thematic Working Groups.

The scope and concept of the Working Groups will be introduced and discussed at the Wikimedia Conference 2018. After the conference, there will be an online consultation to refine the themes, as well as an open call for participation in the Working Groups.

The role of the thematic Working Groups will be to map challenges, obstacles and opportunities in light of the Strategic Direction. The Working Groups should support informed, movement wide discussions related to their specific themes, and based on these formulate a set of recommendations.

Towards the end of 2018, the Working Groups should present their set of recommendations on how to improve issues around movement roles, resources and responsibilities to enable us to move towards the Strategic Direction.

NOTE: Documentation from the Wikimedia Conference 2018 and an RfC on the Working Group themes will be published in after the second week of May, 2018.