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Wikimedia+Libraries International Convention 2022

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23-24 July 2022 | Maynooth - Ireland

Wikipedia belongs in Libraries, we claim. And it’s true. Libraries are engaged with Wikipedia and its sister projects around the globe in over 300 languages. We lead new programs, launch interactive maps, edit Wikipedia articles, transcribe ancient texts, create citations, teach students, connect with newcomers, and preserve and promote languages and culture. This event will bring together Wikimedians who work in and with libraries from around the globe to discuss Wikimedia projects and learn from one another.

For up-to-date information about the conference please follow us on Twitter: @WikiLibCon

About the Conference[edit]

  • Where? Maynooth University in Maynooth (Q750265), Ireland.
  • When? Saturday July 23 and Sunday July 24, the weekend before IFLA Annual.
  • Who? Approximately 110 attendees and participants.
  • Cost? Appoximately 40 attendees will receive full or partial scholarships that will cover travel and/or accommodation expenses.
  • Accommodations? Rooms at Maynooth University campus are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Find out more on the attend page.
  • Programme? Please visit the Programme page for more information.
  • Visa requirements? A visa for entry into Ireland may be required, depending on your country of residence. Find more information here.
  • Is this event part of IFLA? No, we are an independent volunteer organizing committee. This conference is funded through a Wikimedia Foundation grant. However, some of the committee members are IFLA members and will be attending and participating in the IFLA annual conference.

COVID 19 Information[edit]

The Wikimedia+Libraries Convention is the weekend before the IFLA Annual Conference. For current information about regulations in Ireland, please visit IFLA's COVID-19 information page.