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Wikimedia Belgium/The Illustrated and Annotated Activity List of Wikimedia Belgium

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Below an overview of our activities from January 2010 to 2014. See https://be.wikimedia.org/wiki/Activities for a current list.

We are available to give more information on each activity, including the involved organisers and volunteers.


  • July 2010, lobbying for our chapter during Wikimania Gdansk
  • Wikimeets in September and December*


  • January 2011, celebrating 10 years of Wikipedia in the Hackerspace in Ghent
  • March - Wikimeet Ghent*
  • July - Wikimeet Ghent - preparations for WLM
  • August 3 - start up meeting WLM, Ghent
  • August - lobbying events during Wikimania Haifa
  • August 27 - Project: categorization of Belgian heritage, meeting in Brugge
  • September-November - organization of Wiki Loves Monuments 2011 and its Awards Session at the KIK-IRPA, the Belgian Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage
  • September 15 - Upload marathon Ghent
  • September 30 - Upload marathon Brussels
  • October 14 and 19 - online discussion on WLM judging
  • October 22 - Judging Session in Mechelen
  • November 5 - lobbying for WM BE at Wikimedia conferentie Netherlands
  • November 10 - Award Session at offices of the KIK-IRPA


  • April 21 - Wikipedia Café Meeting in Ghent*
  • April - Presentation of WLM and Wikimedia at the Café Numérique in Brussels
  • July 1 - statutes discussion meeting (also) in the Hackerspace in Brussels
  • August 17 - Wikimedia meet-up in Hermalle-sous-Huy. During this meeting the Wikimedia BE Twitter account is started
  • September-November - organization of WikiLovesMonuments 2012 and its Awards Session at the KIK-IRPA, the Belgian Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage
  • October 16 and November 19 - discussion meetings with OKFN (Open Knowledge Foundation)
  • November 9 - Participation conference Wikimedia Nederland WCN 2013 (Geert, Jos, Romaine)
  • November 30 - Meeting with Lodewijk at KIK-IRPA about Founding Wikimedia Belgium with Antoine, Romaine, Ward, Robby, Geert, Jos
  • December 8 - Presenting Wikimedia and discussion participation at CC-be Relaunch. Since then close collaboration with CC-be and the CC European Coordinators (based in Ghent and Berlin)


  • March - Wikipedia atelier (workshop) at Mundaneum in Mons (educating staff, proposing exposition with QRpédia)
  • April 16 - Approval of the chapter Start-up Grant agreement
  • April - Kickoff meeting of the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU in Brussels
  • April - Annual Big Fat Brussels Meeting co-organised with other chapters
  • May 21 - Presentation for Flemish cultural institutions in Brussels about Wikipedia, Wikimedia and doing projects with Wikimedia.
  • May 26 - Wikipedia Cafe Antwerp*
  • June 10 - WLM project set up. Preparation of the WLM grant request. Assessing which parties will participate this year.
  • June 5 - Support of the legal advisors (VSDC) on our statutes and the internal regulations of the association(RIO)
  • June 29 - WWI edit-a-thon in Leuven
  • June 29 - Discussion on the steps forward with the WLM project team. Meeting the volunteers.
  • July 3 - 'Finalizing' our bylaws and request formal candidate founders
  • July 10 - Grant Request for the organisation of WLM BeLux is approved
  • July 17 - meeting KIK-IRPA on the organisation of WLM (venue, reception & drinks, determining date)
  • August 14 - WLM Social Media day
  • August 22 - meeting Herita on collaboration with WLM
  • September 4 - meeting legal advisors on WMBE statutes
  • September 7 - kick-off meeting. Meeting new contributors, explaining the rules, sharing tips and tricks. Meeting at the Halles Saint-Géry, Brussels.
  • September 9 - Start of the #WikiOpVerzoek action (English: #WikiOnRequest) on the WM BE Twitter account. This hashtag is used to reply to people commenting on errors or inapropriate texts on Wikipedia (after correction of the errors off course!)
  • September 23 - Team meeting
  • September 23 - Fashion edit-a-thon, Antwerp, organized together with Fashion Museum Antwerp and image donation to Commons of museum
  • September 28 - upload marathon in Ghent. We explored the historical inner city of Ghent, en took additional pictures. We met and exchanged experiences. WM BE was discussed, too. The meeting resulted in a serious spike in uploads.
  • September 30 - Last WLM participation day. Online rally to convince people to upload their last and best images.
  • October 3 - WLM Judging information session in Ghent
  • October 13 -“Mois de la contribution en Bruxelles” (Collaboration Month in Brussels)
  • October 22 - WLM Final judging session in Ghent
  • October 22 - Ada Lovelace Day 2013 edit-a-thon in Brussels
  • October 23 - Preparation of WLM Award Session
  • October 24 - Ideafest on Open Science (Alberto, Geert) - Speech Jimmy Wales - [1][2]
  • October 27 - “Mois de la contribution en Bruxelles” with interview on national broadcaster RTBF interview
  • November 2 - Participation (Alberto, Dimi, Geert) at Wikimedia Nederland, WCN 2013
  • November 5 - Team meeting finalising the Wikimedia Belgium statutes
  • November 5 - Award session at the Royal Institute at the Cinquantenaire, Brussels. Talks by the director of the institute, the organisors, the jury. Awarding the prices. Reception where we approached new members
  • November 12 - Wrapping up WLM
  • December 6 - Meeting with WMBE Carolynne Schloeder (Alberto, Dimi, Geert, Romaine)


Coming up[edit]

  • September - Collaboration meeting digital collections at Museum Plantin Moretus in Antwerp
  • September-November - Wiki Loves Monuments 2014


An asterisk (*) denotes a non programmatic activity. Full details of these activities can be found in the "The SECRET Illustrated and Annoted Activity List of Wikimedia Belgium".