Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2015/Programme/Cross-border/Ritual year with Wikipedia - could be scaled to international project?

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"Ritual year with Wikipedia" is a kind of Wikiexpedition organized together with professional ethnographers from State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. The teams of 4-5 people (2 employees of Museum, one etnography student, 1-2 wikipedians) travel to selected places in Poland where traditional habits and rituals are still alive in order to document them. The role of wikipedians are photography, help with uploads pictures and movies to Commons and help with writing articles in Wikipedia. The articles are based on scientific papers and data colected by employees of Museum. The method of organization of such project as well as results of it will be presented. The discussion about how this project could be expanded to other CEE countries is welcome.

Comment: If needed it can be moved to GLAM session.
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Establishment of similar project in other countries. Organizing international ethnographic project.
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20 min.
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See: main project page in Polish Wikipedia.
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