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  • Lightning talk

QRpedia is interesting way to provide Wikimedia content to readers "on the place". It doesn't matter whether it is a painting in museum or cultural monument on city square - by smartphone or tablet you are able to reach Wikipedia article in your language and with multimedia support. And it can be pretty low cost. On examples of Esperanto museum and Slovakian city I will present how to increase number of readers or even receive new content.

Preliminary preparation (if necessary)

I recommend to read how QRpedia works (3 min).

Expected outcomes
  • Participants will be aware of low-cost possibilities of QRpedia.
  • Participants will be aware of content donations possibilities of QRpedia.
  • Both of them potentially resulting in increased usage of QRpedia and content donations.
Duration (without Q&A)
5 min
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File:WM CEE 2015 - QRpedia low-cost.pdf

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