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Researcher / Amical Wikimedia member


  1. Strategic discussions:
  • Increasing the level of cooperation with other communities.
  • Developments of small communities (especially, their knowledge gaps).
  • Trans-border contests: CEE Spring, WLE, WLM, European Science Photo Competition, Wikiexpeditions.
  • New cross-border projects, instead of or in addition to the existing CEE Spring.
  • Research and academia on cultural diversity.

Type of submission (Please choose one)[edit]

  • Presentation with discussion (one-to-many + Q&A)


While it is extremely difficult to change the conditions which would allow editors from all countries to contribute to Wikipedia and therefore improve the cultural diversity of the project, we can certainly spread the existing cultural diversity across language editions and reduce the content culture gap (articles about one culture that exists in their local language but not in others). In this presentation:

I will introduce the Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory (WCDO). The content of each language edition of Wikipedia is skewed toward the cultural and geographic context associated with its own language. WCDO aims to correct this underrepresentation, providing focused data and strategic recommendations for cross-language collaboration so that each language edition will have a truly international representation of the world’s knowledge.

I will provide detailed results for the Central and Eastern Europe languages Cultural Context Content (CCC), that is the content that relates to each language geographical and contextual context, sometimes known as 'local content'. First, I will describe the extent of this content in terms of number of articles and their percentage in the language editions, compared to the other Wikipedia language editions. Then, I will show which are the more rellevant topics which define them and their extent (Agriculture, Education, Events, Politics,...). This will allow me to hypothesize and debate about how some minority Eastern languages speakers consider valuable to themselves and to the world to represent their context in Wikipedia.

As a solution to improve the knowledge gaps between languages, WCDO wants to provide specific lists of top priority articles (temporary results) for each language edition that should be in every other language editions. This way it would be possible to have a minimal intercultural coverage. It is my desire that in the same way that the gender gap has created a united movement, the cross-language collaboration projects (Intercultur, the Catalan Culture Challenge, Wikimedia CEE, etc.) will do the same in order to be more effective in ensuring content diversity in each Wikipedia language edition.

Finally, I want to talk to you about how I think that in the same way that the gender gap has created a united movement, the cross-language collaboration projects should do the same in order to be more effective in ensuring content diversity in each Wikipedia language edition. In this sense, I will propose a specific challenge based on the outcomes and suggestions generated within the WCDO.

This presentation is related to my PhD thesis research and the project WCDO:

This is the actual WCDO project page.

Expected outcomes[edit]

  • Raise awareness on the importance of cross-language collaboration as a complementary strategy to increase Wikipedia content diversity.
  • Discover the extent of the content culture gap for the Central and Eastern Europe languages.
  • Acknowledge the tools and results provided by Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory which can be useful to Wikimedia CEE Spring.
  • Understand the problematics of defining content as 'local' and what really belongs to a culture.
  • Learn about how each CEE group represents their cultural contexts (what topics, how important it is).
  • Discuss the current Wikimedia projects that foster cross-language collaboration and see how they can prioritize for certain content gaps.

Duration (without Q&A)[edit]

25 minutes (I could easily shorten it to 15 or expand it to 45 minutes depending on the programme needs).

Specific requirements[edit]

These are the slides used for the talk on Wikipedia Cultural Diversity Observatory given in Lviv, Ukraine for the Wikimedia CEE event.


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