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Wikidata content oriented projects
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Mārtiņš Bruņenieks




Wikimedians of Latvia User Group, WikiProject every politician

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Many of us are familiar with Wikidata, adding statements, playing games or using other tools. Some of us even are reusing content from Wikidata in Wikipedia. However, this talk will focus on enriching specific content areas in Wikidata, using WikiProject every politician as example. No technical Wikidata knowledge is required by attendees.

How will this session be beneficial for the communities in the region of Central and Eastern Europe?

It might engage new Wikidata content contributors or diversify contributions by existing ones.

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  • The goal is to tell more about creating more content od Wikidata. Content projects are important on Wikidata. Start with having some DATA, it can be open as in CCO, can be structured and also your favorite topic.
  • Wikidata structure: label, description, property, value, qualifiers, collapsed reference, unique identifier. Starting a new Project, copy from others, describe data model - list all properties, invite people to join... Not everything will be useful for Wikidata, so you have to obtain useful information.
  • After preparing/cleaning data, the processor is reconciling to avoid duplicates. Skipping this step will lead to wasting a lot of time deleting them after. When preparing data you have to choose a suitable format. You can use the Tabula tool for extracting data, OpenRefine cleanup + reconcile, MixnMatch to match external information. The import can be done with Quick Statements, OpenRefine and you can write your own scripts, and do not forget the references.
  • Completeness dashboard is a dashboard where you can see coverage WikiProject Every politician is an external project. They wanted to make a website for every political, but they figured out that Wikidata is a future. The data model is usual "human properties".
  • Seeking help: Tool manuals on Wikidata describing some useful things and don't be afraid to ask for help and there is an active group on Telegram, Wikidata project chat.
  • Q1: How to know all the properties should be used?
    • A1: Recoin is a tool that is used to show the most common properties that are used in Wikidata.
  • Q2: We do import local politician from Romania, so you can try it. Big thanks for pointing to the Tabula tool.