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Wikimedians of Latvia User Group

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Wikimedians of Latvia User Group

Location Latvia
Country codeLV
Approval date5 March 2015
Official language(s)Latvian

Wikimedians of Latvia User Group is an active user group representing all Wikimedians in Latvia.


Mailing list
wikimedia-lv (archive)
Skype chat
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Twitter: @wikipedia_lv
Vikipēdija latviešu valodā
Vikipēdija latviešu valodā
The village pump
Vikipēdija:Kopienas portāls (English translation)


  • Improve quality and number of articles and other content in Latvian language in Wikimedia projects;
  • Improve quality and number of content about Latvia in other languages in Wikimedia projects, including projects like Commons and Wikidata;
  • Do outreach work about using and contributing to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects;
  • Organise various content improvement activities (editatons, contests);
  • Develop relationships with GLAM institutions;
  • Collaborate with other Wikimedia user groups and chapters, other free culture groups in Latvia;
  • Provide support for Livonian and Latgalian language projects (small languages in Latvia).


Currently there is no formalized structure of the group, membership is open. To join the group, add your name to the list and use provided means of communication.

Contact persons[edit]

  • Feens, Latvian Wikipedia (bureaucrat, since 2004), wikidata
  • Papuass, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2005, sysop), Commons, Wikidata

Other active participants[edit]

Members of group who have been actively involved in organizing or participating in groups offline efforts during the last year.

  • AgrisR, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2014), Commons
  • Biafra, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2010, sysop)
  • Edgars2007, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2009, bureaucrat), Commons, Wikidata
  • Dainis
  • Evita
  • Egilus
  • GreenZeb, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2006)
  • IndulisMX
  • Kikos, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2008, sysop), Commons, Wikidata
  • KXoP
  • Piebaldzēns
  • ScAvenger, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2006, sysop), Commons
  • Silraks, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2013), Translatewiki, Wikidata
  • Titāns
  • Treisijs, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2008, sysop), Wikidata
  • Vecakina
  • Voll, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2013), Wikivoyage, Commons, Wikidata
  • Zuiks, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2006, sysop)


Member who support groups activities, but do not actively participate in them.

  • DJ EV, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2012)
  • Gaujmalnieks, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2008), Commons
  • Jummals, Latvian Wikipedia, Wikidata
  • Turaids, Latvian Wikipedia (since 2007)


Projects and activities[edit]

Activity reports[edit]


Ongoing activities[edit]

Legislative initiative
In October 2012 Latvian Wikipedians submitted initiative to change Freedom of Panorama restrictions in Latvia. To be reviewed in Parliament, the initiative has to gather 10,000 signatures. It is possible to do so in electronic form, using an officially recognized website, run by NGO. The initiative is still in vote gathering phase.
Translation and localization
We are maintaining the translation and localization of MediaWiki and its extensions messages in Latvian on Translatewiki.net