Wikimedia CH/Grant apply/ 11 + 12 -- with Ringier, TX Group, ETH in 2024

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The problem and the context[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

We want to make the authorship and the content on Wikipedia more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

What is your solution to this problem (please explain the context and the solution)?[edit]

Organize regular community events where journalists, academics and the general public come together to edit Wikipedia articles about women* and women-related "articles".

Project goals[edit]

Since 2017, we are hosting writing marathons called “Editathon”. In May 1024, in collaboration with the publishing houses Ringier and TX Group as well as the ETH Zurich, we're hosting the 11th and 12th event. We intend to edit biographies about women -- and want to attract new female Wikipedia editors. This editathon is specifically directed to the target audience of journalists, academics and students as well as the broader public.

Project impact[edit]

How will you know if you have met your goals?[edit]

We keep track of the articles which were newly created or edited on our project page here. Participants will need to register for the event, thus we're able to monitor how many people are attending for the first time / recurring. We are using the Hashtag #WomenEdit and #Editathon on Twitter and Instagram, so we can "measure" the reach, activities and (re)actions on Social Media. We are also monitoring media coverage, as usually this Editathon is generating media attention in Switzerland.

Do you have any goals or metrics around participation or content?[edit]

100 new articles on Wikipedia 20 improved articles 100 attendants, with 80 new editors and 20 recurring participants Online awareness campaign on Social Media about the fact that "everyone can edit Wikipedia" Community Building through our Instagram Account "editathon" to create a network of the editors who joined the editathon for the first time.

Project plan[edit]


  • Preparing, organizing, hosting and follow up of 2 Editathon writing events in 2024
  • Social Media campaign to raise awareness "everyone can edit Wikipedia" and to collect ideas for articles we can improve or create
  • Social Media campaign to raise awareness of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) on Wikimedia projects
  • Evaluation of the event
  • Community Building


BUDGET OVERALL Hours Rate Total Comments
Organization of the Editathon (event orga) 120 100 12000 hourly rate as indicated by benevol for experts -- provided in-house by Ringier
Organization of the Editathon (community building, social media, comms) 80 40 3200 hourly rate as indicated by benevol for non experts -- provided in-house by Muriel and other Wikipedia volunteers
Catering 3000
Moderation 2000 20 hours à 100 CHF - hourly rate for experts as indicated by benevol
Location 2000 in house, provided by Ringier
Merchandising: Edit-a-thon caps 3000 120 caps
Evenito Website hosting plus member management 1200 annual operating costs
Domain 19
TOTAL 26419
BUDGET WMCH Hours Rate Total Comments
Merchandising: Edit-a-thon caps 3000 120 caps
Evenito Website hosting 818 annual fee 818 annual fee
Domain 19
Catering 3000
Total for WMCH 6837

Community engagement[edit]

The participants of the editathon are being introduced and supported on site by approx. 5 Wikipedia editors. Some of them are long-time Wikipedians, and some of them are new editors who've joined the community through these editathons. Also, the community is being transparently informed about this event. Please note: To avoid any negative experience for the community, we are making sure that the Editathon participants are editing Wikipedia in the user name space (Benutzernamensraum) and not in the article name space (Artikelnamensraum). Also, we are collecting all relevant information on the project page and making sure that's always transparently available for the community and beyond. Also, we usually inform admins of the german speaking Wikipedia before the event and likely post about it in the german community newspaper Kurier.

Wikimedia CH response[edit]

This application was a formal matter. It was pre-approved as this project has been ongoing for several years, including during the pandemic, as described above. For next year, we wanted to formally budget these substantial funds via a project application. The project number (budget account) will be #44334. Thank you for this unwearying work. Lantus (talk) 10:44, 14 December 2023 (UTC)[reply]