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Please find Wikimedia CH's newsletter for the 5th issue of the newsletter.
If you wish to share an event or activity through this newsletter, please feel free to send us a message at Have a nice reading!


New staff members[edit]

Carina has left us for personal reasons in order to take care of her family and kids. To see an overview of the board click here.


Andy is replacing Carina at Wikimedia to reinforce the Swiss communication and outreach program. He has over 17 years of online experience as a project and marketing manager, including many national and international web projects. He’s based in the Swiss-French part and able to communicate in German, French and English.


Oliver is joining Wikimedia in order to support Communications as well as the fundraising activities of the association. He comes with a solid background and experience in marketing/ communications as well as in the political/ npo-sector. He's is based in German-speaking Switzerland and communicates in German, English and French. Among other, he has great interest for music, history, cooking and space travel.

What happened last month?[edit]

OpenStreetMap Switzerland meets Wikimedia CH[edit]

Openstreetmap logo.svg

From 28th to 30th July the annual State of the Map has been held in Milan. Some members of the staff of Wikimedia CH have met the board of OpenStreetMap Switzerland to plan joint activities and to discuss potential interactions between the two associations. The event had a wide participation from Switzerland and we are very happy to have shared ideas and prohjects with them.

Training session for archivists of the Swiss Film Archive, Lausanne[edit]

Archivists from the Swiss Film Archive approached Wikimedia Switzerland with and interest in receiving training on how to contribute to Wikipedia. Their aim is to contribute to the online encyclopedia and share with the rest of the world elements of their collection that are already accessible online. The workshop will take place in Lausanne on Wednesday morning, September 5th. Archivists and Wikipedians with an interest in archives are welcome to participate in the training session and share their knowledge. To join the event, please contact Flor at Wikimedia CH before August 20th.

Update from the WikiCon-Orga-Team[edit]


The WikiCon organization team is busy at work! Regular conference calls and meetings are taking place to shape the largest German-language Wikimedia event of the year. The Gymnasium am Burggraben in St. Gallen, with its large spaces and halls, is the perfect location for the conference and would be a great place to hold even larger events. The deadline for submitting program proposals has now passed and all the ideas are in. There are currently six rooms with each a 25-35 people capacity, plus a larger auditorium that have been scheduled on the time grid. On top of that, there is enough space in the foyer for the various so called "Theme Islands".

Above all, WikiCon 2018 will be a meeting place for the many different participants and in order to facilitate encounters, there will be mini breaks of 15 minutes between each presentation or workshop. The team came to the conclusion that five minute breaks for a room change at past events where too short and would not leave enough time for people to meet. In addition to the main program items, there is also a schedule for short presentation, so-called "Lightning Talks". This formula is suitable for people who want to share their ideas or experiences with others, but do not have enough material or time to hold a whole Theme Island. There will be a plenary program on Friday and Saturday evenings where all the attendees meet.

To join this great event, please look at this special WikiCon 2018 project page.


Wiknic in Geneva on August 19th[edit]

Entrance of the parc des Bastions

French-language Wikipedians will gather in Geneva for a Wiknic on Saturday, August 19th. For now, the idea is a pic-nic at the parc des Bastions followed by a visit to the Musée d'art et d'histoire's archeological section (for a preview, look here), with the possibility of taking pictures. If you have another suggestion for this day that you would like to share, please mention it here.

Wikidata meetup and Wikidata Hackathon: 5th and 8th September[edit]

The 5rd September a Wikidata meetupwill be held in the Impact Hub in Zurich from 6:30pm, details are here. After the successful past meetups, this time there will be a discussion about the preparation of the annual Hackathon at the University of Zurich (details here) from 9am to 6pm. If you want to know how to code and manage data in Wikidata, going deep into the details, then join us in Zurich for this wonderful project.

Wikiconvention francophone: grants and call for presentations[edit]

Like the previous years, WMCH has several grants for Switzerland-based, active (5 or more contributions/month) Wikipedians. They can be asked to Flor. The full conditions for grants for Wikipedians based outside of Switzerland will be specified later this month. The call for presentations is open until August 22d, and can be found here. On that same page, you can already seen the current submissions, and get an idea of what is in store for this year's edition.

ItWikicon 2018 in Como: ideas for the program[edit]

This year itWikicon will be held in the University of Como in November. Wikimedia CH will support the organization team and the Swiss wikipedians and wikipedians who would attend the event. If you have ideas or suggestions for the program, you can contribute here.

October 11th: Roundtable and workshop on heritage conservation at the Archives cantonales vaudoises[edit]

A roundtable will be held at the Archives cantonales vaudoises. On the occasion of the 120 years of the canton's first heritage protection law, the ACV will hold a discussion concerning heritage conservation from 1898 to all the current possibilities and formats, including photographs on Wikimedia Commons. Before the roundtable, a workshop to teach archivists and interested public how to use Wikimedia Commons will be held, with the aim of using the historical archaeological images the ACV uploaded a few months ago, which can be seen here.

Wikipedia workshops to be held at the Bibliothéque de la Cité, Geneva[edit]

Staircase of the Bibliothèque de la Cité

The Bibliothèque de la Cité in Geneva confirmed their intention to initiate new users to Wikipedia, and decided to organize a series of dates where Flor from Wikimedia CH or a motivated Wikipedian teach newbies how to contribute. The workshops will have themes relating to the city of Geneva, its geography and history. They will be held on the following Saturdays, from 1PM to 5PM:

  • October 20th, 2018
  • November 3rd, 2018
  • December 1st, 2018
  • January 26th, 2019
  • February 9th, 2019

List of Coming Events[edit]

This table contains the upcoming events until the delivery of our next newsletter and some important events later this year.

Date Events Location Note
22d August 2018 Geneva Wiknic 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM Geneva, Parc des Bastions (park to be confirmed) Wiknic for Wikipedians and friends or family, followed by a museum visit
25th August 2018 WP-Atelier 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Bern, Sägestrasse 77, PTT-Archiv open workshop for new editors and all others
Deadline: 1st September 2018 Call for Papers online Share your plans with us to bring our community and our projects forward
5th September 2018 Zurich Wikidata Meetup Zurich Zurich Meetup
8th September 2018 Zurich Hackathon 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM Zurich Zurich Hackathon for Wikidata enthusiasts
8th September 2018 WP-Atelier Brugg/ Windisch, Lagerstrasse, SBB-Historic open workshop refering to "Landesstreik" and "Grippewelle"
8th September 2018 Wikidata Zurich Hackathon 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM 8006 Zürich, UZH Zentrum KO2 Karl Schmid-Strasse 4, Räume KO2-F-150 und KO2-F-152 refering to computer science students, open source developers, private companies developers, open data hackdays developers, Hackzurich enthusiasts. Anyone who enjoys coding with great data (in English).
29th September 2018 Schreib-Atelier im Vögele Kultur Zentrum followed by ZH Stammtisch 8808 Pfäffikon SZ, Gwattstrasse 14
5th - 7th October 2018 WikiCon 2018 in St. Gallen Kantonsschule am Burggraben, Burggraben 21, Eingang Lämmlisbrunnenstrasse, 9000 St. Gallen
5th - 7th October 2018 WikiConvention francophone 2018 in Grenoble, France Musée de Grenoble, 5, place Lavalette, 38000 Grenoble See map here