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Please find Wikimedia CH's newsletter for the month of September & October.
If you wish to share an event or activity through this newsletter, please feel free to send us a message at Happy reading!


2017 Annual Plan Grant activity
Wikimedia CH has submitted the association's annual plan for 2017 to the Wikimedia Foundation, you may consult it: here.

Call for projects 2017
We wish to thank the members of our community who kindly submitted projects through the call for project 2017 link.

Governance Review
Following discussions within the board and the community, we are glad to announce the start of a governance review. The goal is to discuss potential changes to the bylaws and the various Wikimedia CH policies (including creating new ones if needed). People interested in participating, or who may have suggestions about the changes required, are welcome to have a look and contribute to this page on our members wiki or contact Frédéric Schütz ( for more information.


Wiki Loves Earth results
Finally here are the results of the Swiss Wiki Loves Earth 2016 contest. This year the Matterhorn seems to have been the most photographed and winning subject.

Wikimedia CH would say thank you to all 78 uploaders who has contributed with 925 photos about the Alps and alpine lakes and parks. Below the list of winners ranked in the first 10 places and participating to the international contest:

As a reminder, national winners cannot be members of the association's board or employees and any participants can only win one prize, the following pictures will substitute the uneligible photos for the national contest:

Kiwix turns 10!
Kiwix, the offline reader that allows you to check Wikipedia without the need for an internet connection, just turned 10. Going strong with a million users worldwide, it celebrated its birthday with a brand new website at Although internet access seems easy and obvious for people in Switzerland, four billion people worldwide still lack decent connectivity or must face censorship. This software supported by Wikimedia CH does help make a difference everywhere, from African schools to Cuba and even North Korea!

Kiwix runs on all platforms, from Windows to Android to iPhone to Linux: so next time you are in the mountains or the middle of the ocean, don't forget to take Wikipedia with you!

What is coming up next?[edit]

The project aiming at bringing the different varieties of Swiss cheese on the online encyclopedia has officially launched under the name “WikiCheeseCH” on the french speaking Wikipedia. You may visit the page via this link. If you are keen to contribute about this culinary heritage, you may add your username on the project page and get in touch with the contributors. Check out in the event section the WikiCheese CH evening, happening on the 20th October in Lausanne that will be all about photography and eating delicious cheese.

Wikimedia CH is invited to the digital humanities seminar for projects in Ticino
Wikimedia CH has been invited by the Department of Culture of Canton Ticino to an annual seminar of digital humanities for a session on the development of cultural heritages. The seminar will take place the 27th October in Bellinzona followed by a conference about the digitization of culture on the 18th November.

Complete list of events[edit]

Date Events Location
20.10.2016 WikicheeseCH evening Lausanne
22.10.2016 Wiki on Rails Swiss Federal Archives Bern
27.10.2016 Seminar for Ticino projects about digital humanities Bellinzona
27.10.2016 Women Edit: Wikipedia Workshop for Women Zürich
02.11.2016 Women Edit: Wikipedia Workshop for Women Bern
05.11.2016 Wikipedia-Atelier in the Swiss national library Bern
08.11.2016 Women Edit: Wikipedia Workshop for Women Zürich
11.11 - 13.11.2016 Jugend hackt Schweiz Zürich
17.11.2016 Wiki on Rails Swiss Federal Archives Bern
19.11 - 20.11.2016 Vintage Computer Festival Rote Fabrik Zurich
22.11.2016 Wikipedia workshop for the NCCR LIVES - Day 1 University of Lausanne
24.11.2016 Wikipedia workshop for the NCCR LIVES - Day 2 University of Lausanne
26.11.2016 Wiki on Rails SBB Historic Windisch
01.12.2016 Wiki on Rails Swiss Federal Archives Bern
17.12.2016 Wiki on Rails Swiss Economic Archives Basel

About recent events[edit]

A successful first edition for the French speaking WikiConvention

WikiConvention francophone 2016, CC-BY-SA 3.0 Rama

The city of Paris welcomed the first edition of the French speaking WikiConvention during the week end of the 19th to the 21st of August. The event met a great success. In a nutshell:

  • 50% of the attendees participated for the first time to a Wikimedia event
  • 28% of the attendees came from foreign countries
  • 31% of the participants identified as women
  • The swiss community was the second biggest french speaking community present with 11 participants
  • 9 people received a scholarship from Wikimedia CH to attend the event

For your information, you may consult a detailed post event report: here and some of the User Rama's pictures may be viewed here.

German speaking WikiConvention, 16-18th September in Kornwestheim, Stuttgart

Germanspeaking WikiCon 2016, CC-BY-SA 3.0 Martin Kraft

This year's german-speaking Wikicon took place in Kornwestheim and welcomed a total of 333 participants. 14 people from Switzerland attended this german-speaking convention whereat Wikimedia CH was able to support 8 participants with a scholarship. For more information on the program, please see here and to look at the pictures, please click here.

Education: Media in Piazza

LAC - Lugano Arte Cultura

On the 23d and the 24th September the event Media in Piazza was held in the wonderful scenery of the LAC - Lugano Arte e Cultura. The event, organized by the Department of the Education and Learning of the SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland) had several important educational counterparts such as Amnesty International, Radix, Red Cross, Cantonal Police, Cantonal Conference of Parents in addition to the local universities. Wikimedia CH was also one of the organizers together with the Laboratory of Visual Culture of SUPSI (University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland). The first day of the event was addressed to the schools and Wikimedia CH received a total of 150 students.

Great premiere: GLAM on Tour in Davos

GLAM on Tour in Davos 2016, CC-BY-SA 4.0 Bobo11

GLAM on Tour had its premiere in Switzerland from September 30 until October 3rd. A total of 19 Wikipedians visited the Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Museum in Davos and worked on the enrichment of Wikipedia-content on the topic surrounding the artist. The group not only edited Wikipedia but discovered the living surrounding of Kirchner in Davos and displayed it on Wikimedia projects.

If you're interested to find out more about this stunning performance, have a look at the content that has been produced, the media articles covering this happening and the article which was published in the Wikipedia Kurier.
Thank you very much Lantus and Diego for organizing this excellent event and for your tireless commitment.

Call for action[edit]

Youth hacks Switzerland
Wikimedia CH supports the initiative «Youth hacks Switzerland» and calls on you to empower your offspring to get involved with coding and doing handicrafts, from November 11-13. More information about the event is available on

Wikimedia projects: Your input is needed on potential licence upgrade
The Wikimedia Foundation is asking for your input on a proposed change to the Wikimedia Terms of Use, namely to use the latest version of the Creative Commons license for Wikipedia content. Find more information and the status of the ongoing discussion on

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