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Organization Meeting of Wikimedia Canada
Ninth Formal Formation Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Time: 02:00 UTC (6:00 PST, 7:00 MST, 8:00 CST, 9:00 EST, 10:00 AST, 10:30 NST)
Venue: Skype. Arctic.gnome will invite all interested persons to both a voice and a chat conversation. Anyone without a microphone should be able to listen to the conversation and make comments in the chat.


  1. Introductions
  2. Discussion of Wikimedia Canada/Todo, questions and comments.
  3. Discussion of Wikimedia Canada/Proposed by-laws, questions and comments.
  4. Discussion of Wikimedia Canada/Draft application, questions and comments.
  5. Discussion of who will be on the initial application and who's address will be used as the legal address for the organization.


In progress.



  • Each person introduced themselves briefly.
  • Went through the to do list

Bylaw discussion[edit]

  • Steve S. volunteered to do NUANS name search report to confirm that the name "Wikimedia Canada" is not taken
  • Ken G. proposed to have at least an annual general meeting for members
  • Jeffrey N. seconded and suggested to have monthly meetings for directors.
  • The frequency of general meeting would need to be included in the general member.
  • Once the bylaw is completed, the people who sign the document become the first board of directors.
  • At least four people are required to sign on the document per federal and Wikimedia Foundation rules.
  • The issue of mailing address would be addressed in future meeting(s).
  • Participants in the meeting unanimously approved the motion of editing and marking all changes to the by law in red. Afterwards, the bylaw will be reviewed line by line.
  • After the final version of bylaw is completed, the committee will send it to a lawyer for comments.
  • Steve S. identified himself as a law student as Gerald said he could get a lawyer to take a look at it.

Financial issues[edit]

  • Gerald suggested we could try ask Wikimedia Foundation to do something with the incorporation cost.
  • Andrew L. explained the difference between non-profit and charity organizations. Only charity organizations are eligible to issue tax-receipt.
  • Membership fees to be discussed later.
  • $200 filing fee is required for incorporation, in addition to $15 for NUANS.
  • Document signing must be done in front of a witness, who should be a notary public or a lawyer.
  • Brian C. found the least expensive notary public charges $15 for witnessing of signature ($10 for each additional signatures witnessed).
  • Jeffrey N. said we should get a bank account and Paypal account to handle membership fees.


  • Brian C. proposed to finish the bylaw by March 18, 2009.
  • Participants unanimously agreed with Brian's proposal.

Meeting time & frequency[edit]

  • Andrew L. proposed to push the meeting time an hour early so that participants from east coast do not have to stay up late for the meeting.
  • Participants unanimously agreed with Andrew's proposal.
  • The next meeting date will be announced on the mailing list.

Participants' Sign-Up[edit]

Real name Username IRC/
Skype nickname
Location Notes
Jeffery Nichols Arctic.gnome Skype: arctic.gnome
IRC: ArcticGnome
St. John's, NL
Steve Smith Sarcasticidealist Skype: sarcasticidealist Fredericton, NB
Gerald A historybuff irc: hotr Toronto, ON
Brian Chick LeftButton Skype: brian.chick Toronto, ON
Ken Goudsward Ken Goudsward Skype: KenGoudsward Prince George, BC
Benoit Desrochers Antaya Skype: antaya.le.pouceux Montréal, QC
Andrew Leung OhanaUnited Skype: Andrew.C.Leung Richmond Hill, ON
Possibly attending
Casey Brown Cbrown1023 IRC: kibble
Skype: cbrown1023
Philadelphia, USA
Alex Az1568 Az1568 (IRC)
az1658 (Skype)
California, USA
Wayne Ray WayneRay Skype: waynescottray London, ON
Not attending, but interested
Jean-François Lepage JF Lepage irc: JeffdeStGermain Rimouski, QC
Ian Bailey Ian_Bailey irc: yanstheman Toronto, ON
Previous meeting:
May 21, 2008
WMC Ninth Formal Formation Meeting
February 11, 2009
Next meeting:
June 18, 2009