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Wikimedia Chapters Association/Draft budget 2012-2013

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The draft budget was rejected during the Wikimedia Chapters Association/First meeting. A committee has been set up to work on a new budget proposition


This is a first draft of the budget for the Wikimedia Chapters Association. The idea behind this document is to try and round up the important things that need to be taken into consideration when looking at how the WCA will operate, and what means it will need to find and secure in order to operate.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while looking at this document:

  • There are a few assumptions that have been made regarding this document, namely:
    • It starts on the 1st of July 2012 and goes to the 30 of June 2013. This because the WCA should have been starting its working existence at Wikimania 2013. Although this might not be the case, the idea is that the budget covers a whole 12 months, including important meetings for the Association. Although some costs will not be recurring (such as setting up an office and such), most of them will, and thus the budget can be pushed a few months to reflect the reality of the next 12 months and still work.
    • The assumption about the location of registration has been that it was going to be Belgium.
    • Belgium's labor law / tax system is extremely complicated, and every source I've been finding on this makes it hard to evaluate the salary+employer taxes. The best "formula" I have found, which takes into consideration Gross salary (before taxes on the employee side) and the part of tax paid by the employer (sorry for the layman's vocabulary, I've read this all in French and don't really have equivalents in English) is the following: Gross salary x 13 x 1,75 = annual cost for the employer[1]. In all literature on the subject, it is clear that the cost of labor is highest in Belgium compared to other EU countries) [2] [3]. However, choosing Belgium as a starting point to calculate cost of labor probably constitutes a "high" end of the labor cost scale, which makes sense.
    • Founding fees are a guestimate, this may vary depending on where the WCA ends up incorporating.
  • This is a draft budget. It falls under the attributions of the Secretary General to finalize the budget for the months to come. This is intended as a basis for discussion, and especially for the WCA to ask itself how it is going to operate in the first year of its "real" existence and manage its revenue stream to have the means to operate.
  • Please comment on the talk page. If you wish to propose alternate/amended versions, just ask for the ods/xls version (meta won't take it) at delphine (AT) notafish (PUNTO) org.

Here the file: File:20120710- budget WCA draft.pdf

Total: 446 830,42 €


First draft from File:20120710- budget WCA draft.pdf by User:Notafish (Wikitable format):

(Category) (Subcategory) (Description) Unit price (€) Number Total (€) notes
Administration Rent 750 8 6000 November 2012-June 2013
Administration Utilities 250 8 2000 Electricity etc.
Administration Insurance 50 12 600 Recurring, various civil responsibility insurance (need of a liability insurance for officers?)
Administration Bank fees 150 12 1800 Might be quite important, re: exchange rate and dealing with many currencies
Administration Accounting (external) 50 104 5200 Unit price = €/hr 2hrs/week on average - Bookkeeping, first outside the association
Administration Legal fees 60 15 900 Unit price = €/hr - Includes the occasional lawyer advice
Administration Legal reserve 1500 1 1500 Reserve - Needed to be ready for anything that might happen
Administration Telephone & Telecommunications 180 12 2160 includes mobile, internet hosting, roaming etc.
Administration Postage 100 12 1200
Administration Office supplies 100 8 800 Day to day office supplies
Administration Computers 1200 5 6000 Computer desktops & laptops
Administration Maintenance 100 8 800 Reserve: various repairs & Installation
Administration Miscellaneous 1000 1 1000 Reserve
Administration One time costs start Office search (Agency) 2200 1 2200 1 time thing to find the office
Administration One time costs start Fixtures and equipement (Office furniture etc.) 2000 1 2000 Big lump sum at the beginning, then a small recurring sum
Administration One time costs start Decoration 500 1 500 At the beginning
Administration One time costs start Founding fees 1500 1 1500 TO BE DEFINED with location, fee is placeholder
Administration One time costs start Supplies 500 1 500
Administration One time costs start Miscellaneous 1000 1 1000
Personnel Salaries Secretary General 8000 12 96000 Gross salary, this does not include taxes paid by the employee
Personnel Salaries Taxes on salaries (SG) 7166.67 12 86000 looks like Belgium has a rate of x2 between gross salary and what the employer pays.
Personnel Salaries Deputy SG (or CFO) 4500 9 40500 hired by SG, so let's say between 3 and 6 months after beginning of operations
Personnel Salaries Taxes on salaries (DSG) 4031.25 9 36281.25
Personnel Salaries Chapter development coordinator 3500 6 21000 This is a support person (might be persons if we go local & part time for example) to help with chapter developments
Personnel Salaries Taxes on salaries (CDC) 3135.42 6 18812.5
Personnel Salaries Office Manager 2500 8 20000 Day to day business, office support
Personnel Salaries Taxes on salaries (office manager) 2239.58 8 17916.67
Personnel Salaries PR person 50 208 10400 €/hr - 4hrs/week - might be external and occasional at first (no need for much public facing communication)
Personnel Search Firm 10000 1 10000 Searching for the SG and subsequent roles
Personnel Travel Scheduled events (Wikimania, Chapters meeting) and visit chapters/regions/groups. In the 1st year, pretty intense, the following can alternate
Personnel Travel SFO 2000 3 6000 Plan at least 2 meeting on site with WMF staff for SG, one for Deputy
Personnel Travel Europe 450 5 2250 Attending some regional/local events - average 450€ per travel
Personnel Travel South America 1500 2 3000 Iberoconf at least, one/a few other chapter visits would be good
Personnel Travel Asia 2000 2 4000 A regional conference if exists, plus some chapter visits
Personnel Travel Wikimania 2160 1 2160 basis Washington DC
Personnel Travel Chapters meeting 400 3 1200 basis Berlin (SG, DSG, CDC)
Personnel Accommodation 140 60 8400 140€/day in average (includes hotel-100€/food-3 meals/day for 40€) with an average of 4 days per stay
Personnel Entertainement 150 10 1500 Expenses at office (as opposed as while traveling) - receiving chapters, sponsors, Foundation, whoever
Personnel Outside consultation 75 40 3000 Various consultation fees (location search, other) Unit price/hr
Personnel Miscellaneous 1000 1 1000 Reserve
Chapters development and support Event logistics 1500 2 3000 Make sure the scheduled events have what the WCA need to meet productively - 2 events
Chapters development and support Publications and communication 150 15 2250 Anything that the WCA needs to do to fulfill its mission (for ex. Chapters Starters Kit)
Chapters development and support Design costs 50 40 2000 €/hr
Chapters development and support Printing costs 1000 1 1000
Chapters development and support Research 1200 1 1200 Various research for chapter support
Chapters development and support Delegates travel (WCA Board) 500 10 5000 Average price for various travel to office and chapters. 10 destinations (includes WMania & Chapters meeting)
Chapters development and support Various supplies 500 1 500
Chapters development and support Facilitation 600 8 4800


Second draft from File:Draft_Budget_2.pdf by User:Theo10011 (Wikitable format)

Category (Item) Amount/Salary (€) Description/Responsibilities Notes
Personnel Secretary General 60000 Liaison, manager, working on larger issues regarding chapters. Fees slashed to more realistic levels. Can be performance or approval based after the first year.
Personnel Accountant 42000 Grant-making, reports, budgets for all chapters. Based on averages for Belgium. (Non-industry specific)
Personnel Legal consultant (on retainer) 30000 Contracts, agreements, legal advice Earmarked for Law firm on retainer+hourly billing.
Personnel PR/Translator 42000 Media queries and assistant to chapters, translation services and contacts with translators. Based on averages for Belgium. (Non-industry specific)
Personnel Event organizer 18000 Part-time Event organizer available to all chapters. Based on averages for Belgium. (Non-industry specific)
Personnel Taxes ??? After consultation with a tax law firm. Left intentionally out, to be filled in after consultation with a tax-law firm.
Travel Travel 12000 Chapter visits and non specific events. Entire travel budget to attend events and visit chapters using budget travel services.
Travel 3000 Wikimania 3 Full time staff to Wikimania
Travel 1800 Chapters conference 3 Full time staff to Berlin.
Travel Accomodations 7200 120 € Per day (assumed at 60 days) Total accommodations budget. (includes per diem)
Travel Misc. 1500
Travel Outside Consultation 3000 For any special consultation required by chapters.
Chapter development and Support Chapters network 10000 Create a chapters network for communication. Ongoing project to link all chapters through Skype or other video conferencing service.
Chapter development and Support GLAM* *Can be a larger amount collectively pooled by all chapters to fund GLAM events. 15000 Fund GLAM projects collectively Collectively fund GLAM related projects in other countries.
Chapter development and Support Professionalization 15000 Develop chapter infrastructure, back-office support.
Chapter development and Support Project support 10000 Provide support to proposed chapter events and activities. Support chapter organized conferences and projects like WLM.
Chapter development and Support Other Projects 10000 Earmarked for future unknown projects.