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Wikimedia Chapters Association/Meetings/2013-24

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Update on activities, current issues, and planning for Wikimania.


  1. Welcome
  2. Organisational
    • Task list
  3. Reports from action groups
  4. Reports and current issues of participating organisations
  5. Help entities getting funded: how do we get there?
  6. WCA/Journal: purpose, input and team
  7. Wikimania
  8. Proposed changes to Charter
  9. Board elections: position of the WCA
  10. Next meeting
    • How and when!!
  • see Wikimedia Chapters Association/Meetings/Talkyoo. Skype users: Please note the user name of Talkyoo has changed form talkyoo_skype (not working) to talkyoo-skype (works for me).
  • fallback: Skype (contact m_glaser to join group call)
  • irc: #wca


On the telecon
  1. WMDE Mglaser
  2. WMAT Manuel Schneider
  3. WMUS-DC Kirill Lokshin
  4. WMIN ♪Karthik♫ ♪Nadar♫ 19:00, 16 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  5. WMUK (talk)
  6. WMNL Ziko (talk) 19:53, 16 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  7. WMCH Charles Andres
  8. WMIL Itzik Edri
  9. WMxx Signature
On Etherpad
  1. WMDE Mglaser
  2. WMAT Manuel Schneider
  3. WMCH Charles Andres
  4. WMAU Chuq (talk)
  5. WMFR PierreSelim
  6. WMUS-DC Kirill Lokshin
  7. WMNL Ziko (talk) 19:53, 16 June 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  8. WMUK (talk)
  9. WMxx Signature



The dial in was not being used, future meeting may be entirely on video conference or Skype.
The quorum is not reached. No votes or decisions are planned on the agenda for today.


Markus: I have prepared a task list, which is intended to track action items, some of which our outstanding items. What, who, target date and status will the columns of the table. As well as actionees, others will be encouraged to help with outstanding tasks. Additional items to be tracked can be nominated by WCAC members and observers. Markus will announce the page once it is ready.
WCA-announce is working, though Markus would like more feedback on the list. The list is moderated (to avoid discussion being more than announcements and clarifications). WCA announce list is moderated, and if someone sends an reply to the list, it will reach the actual sender.

Action points[edit]

Action: Manuel: add Markus to moderators on wca-announce

Reports from action groups[edit]


Ziko: Nothing to report, email contact with a few people.
Markus said that he has received a request from a user called Aschmidt, who wanted to lend his hand to help.
Markus: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Best_practices_documentation_team. We might want to revive that
Ziko: Volunteer resources remain a challenge. Doing research might be too much work for volunteers. If we want to deliver results soon, useful for the chapters, maybe we should concentrate on the Chapters Manual if we talk to volunteers again, asking for help.
Markus: How can we break down our goals in small tasks? That's needed to reach out to volunteers. Maybe that is a reason for not limiting us on the Chapters Manual. So that everyone can find something he is interesting in.
Charles: WMCH staff is required to share their experience on chapters manual
  • How volunteers can make a plan for GLAM partnerships
  • Digitization is also a topic here
Markus: Scanning mailing lists for knowledge that should be persisted might also be an entry point

Peer review[edit]

Fae: Last month was quiet. Estonian report has to be published. Austrian peer review was a great success. Problem: volunteer time does not allow to do more than 3 or 4 a year. Wikimania might be a great opportunity to do some more. Not much activity on Chapters Exchange.
Fae: A good Blog post before Wikimania might generate interests among the volunteers.
Fae: There's resistance to transparency for chapters that have staff.
Pierre-Selim: Yes, it's not always easy to get people to understand the importance of transparency
Fae: workshop for director/trustee induction and best practice governance sharing for chapters and thorgs. This will not be arranged in time for Wikimania HK and opens more options for where and how it can be delivered.
Fae: initiated a discussion about a movement-wide whistleblowing process, both with WMF legal and AffCom, this should appear on meta as an open RFC in the next month or two.
  • Write a blog post before Wikimania on Peer Review (Fae)
  • Publish the WM Austria and WM EE reports (Fae with participants)
  • Long term action: workshop concept for education of chapter board members (Fae, expected within 8 months)
  • Find someone who might be able to do peer reviews. Charles volunteered to help push this at Wikimania HK.

Chapters exchange[edit]

Charles: there are people from Canada and India who volunteered to work on the Chapters exchange
Charles: share experience about digitization

Reports and current issues of participating organisations[edit]

Trademark practices discussion[edit]

Manuel: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Trademark_practices_discussion
Manuel: reflects a discussion we have at WMCH about issues between WMF and chapters. WMF wants to change the current trademark pratices. Want to turn away from current domain practices: chapters should not use wikimedia URLs. Timeframe about 18 months. Chapters domains should move to new domain names.
Pierre-Selim: The WMF wants to change the trademark usage?
Charles: We should monitor what is going on in the trademark discussion.
Manuel: Currently, according to the trademark agreements, we have the rights to use the wikimedia.local domain. We should right now not start shouting about it as it is not a public discussion.
Pierre-Selim: Agree, The WMF holds the trademarks for the movement not for their own.
Everyone is invited to participate in the Trademark practices discussion in order to make sure that the future practice will be compatible with the chapter's needs.

Help entities getting funded: how do we get there?[edit]

Markus: Call with Anasuya, and will keep the WCA updated on it.

WCA/Journal: purpose, input and team[edit]

Markus: Ziko and Markus started the journal a months ago, and some of them have added to it. If we want to keep WCA journal active, we need to volunteers with active.
Charles: Initially should have been tied to Chapters Dialogue.
Pierre-Selim: Markus and Ziko you should not hesitate to ping WCA council member for help (it's nice to have reminder) Markus: great!
Ziko: Consider, there is no dead line. I will write to Wikimedia-l a message with some suggestions, yes.


  • Ziko: writes about WMNL and asks all chapter to write for their own chapter.
  • Karthik: writes about Wikimedia India
  • Shape the goal of the journal

Wikimania HK[edit]

Chapters village initiated by Charles and WMDE[edit]
Markus: Please share ideas about what we can do at our desk
Manuel: Workshops, e.g. one afternoon with FDC chapters making a walk-through application. Or: how to write monthly reports.
Markus: or: what kind of software are you using for which tasks
Manuel: We need a schedule with things of practical use for chapters
Chapters pre-conference: issues and topics[edit]
Markus: There's not much on the schedule. We should take a lead. Please go to your chapter and make them aware there's a pre-conference schedule.
  • Chapters village: We need a schedule with things of practical use for chapters
  • All: go to your chapters and ask for ideas

Proposed changes to Charter[edit]

Open up for all Wikimedia Affiliates: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Chapters_Association/Resolutions/11._Open_up_for_all_Wikimedia_Affiliates
Markus: Open question is still: should we open up for all Affiliates as defined by the AffCom or restrict to Thematic organiations?
Ziko: We should allow for one representative for all user groups
Manuel: That's also the model how ICANN At-Large integrates individuals.
Charles: Lots of user groups are in fact chapters to be. Maybe have them invited but not eligible for voting.
Change of name: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Chapters_Association/Resolutions/12._Change_of_name
Markus: we need to rename to reflect us opening up for other entities. The proposal is "Association of Wikimedia Organizations" (AWiO, AWikiO?).
Markus: Having Wikimedia in the name in the proposed way will not be a problem
Ziko agrees
Markus: For the voting procedure here, we will most likely need a 2/3rd quorum
Substitute council members: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Chapters_Association/Resolutions/13._Substitute_council_members


  • Put up these resolutions for voting next week

Board elections: position of the WCA[edit]

Markus: do we have a favourite or a no-go candidate
Ziko: the community elects
Charles: we should raise awarenes and ask people to vote
Pierre-Selim: +1
Fae: In raising awareness, point to http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Foundation_elections/Board_elections/2013/Questions where anyone can still ask questions of the candidates. Some existing questions relate to chapters and thorgs, for example "About the approval of new Chapters"


all: Send out an reminder email about the elections

Open issues[edit]

Manuel: can we expect the next call in exctly four weeks?
Markus: not exactly, the preferred time slots will rotate
Meeting closes @2039UTC